Monday, May 10, 2010

How pedophiles identify eachother

Pretty gross topic, but good to know.
These images were discovered by undercover volunteers on a website created by online sexual predators, where they instruct young girls and children that sex with older men is natural and their parents are lying to them and cannot be trusted because they are possessive and don’t want their children to feel good.

It has been speculated by some around the net in discussion about these symbols that these meanings and even existence of the symbols are untrue, but those statements have been made by pedophiles whose primary goal it is to corrupt exposed discoveries about them. These people have often used these symbols on their own websites, and the jewelry is no figment of the imagination!

* A heart within a heart, or “GLogo” “GirlLover” is used by pedophiles attracted to girls. The heart in a heart, to them, represents a adult/ female child relationship.
* A blue spiral-shaped triangle symbol, or “BLogo” “BoyLover”, symbolizes a boy (small triangle) surrounded by an older male (larger triangle)- and is meant to show adult/male child relationships.
* The butterfly CLogo a.k.a. “ChildLover” (commonly looks like four touching hearts) in pink/blue represents non-preferential gender pedophiles (girl or boy attracted, often both).
* The yin-yang looking circle is CGlogo, used in reference to the website, Common Ground, which was created as a place for both girl and boy attracted pedophiles to meet and sympathize with each other.
* The pink/blue triangles is “AmaroSymbol” is a variation of the CGLogo.


Older stuff they wore:


  1. I will show this to my sister, who is a pre-school teacher.

    A am pretty amazed that the sick shits are this brazen, but of course, now that these are out in public view, the signals will change.

  2. "now that these are out in public view"

    Does this make a difference anymore? Other than, as you say, causing them to change their 'signals'.

    Sad fucking state of affairs.

  3. Pedophiles are out there, and no doubt they have symbols to recognize each other.

    That said - my opinion is that the linked blog post is massively overwrought, at best.

    The first symbol is the Triquetra - famous in pop culture for its use in the TV show "Charmed".

    It's an ancient pagan Celtic symbol, expropriated by Christians, and then expropriated back by neo-pagans and Wiccans.

    Contrary to the claims in the comments of the linked post, there's no real distinction between the illustrated "pedophile symbol" and established variants of the Triquetra (those which include a the circle).

    The image identified as a pedophile symbol was taken from the online catalog of Taexalia, located in Scotland. Wiccan/New Agey, yes, but nothing sinister looking about them. Being in Scotland, they have some pretty legit claims of authenticity with respect to Celtic designs.

    If I were Taexalia, I'd be pretty pissed that someone was posting an image of my product as being a pedophile symbol, without more evidence than "images discovered by undercover volunteers".

    Many, many people wear stuff like this. Seeing someone wearing a triquetra, like the Taexalia design, tells you - well what, exactly?

    I'd submit it tells you just about nothing with respect to whether or not that person is a pedo. Possibly they are devoted, authentic pagans. More likely, they are poseurs, pop culture followers and "Charmed" fans. "Pedophile" ranks pretty low on the Bayesian probability implication list. Which also means, the symbols are useless for mutual recognition of actual pedos!

    I don't know about the other symbols. I've seen the triple triangles before; I think they are Celtic. I'm pretty sure the spirals are; they too are everywhere. The more modern/graphic symbols - dunno.

    I think the person who made the post is being trolled, maybe by real pedos, maybe by people just looking to cause trouble - or who really hate Wiccan / Pagan symbolism of any kind and want to create bad associations.