Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Thought Experiment

Wake up!  Grab another cup of coffee and dust off your brain!  ZenPundit starts with the premise that "oligarchy is not good", and takes it from there:

The proto-oligarchical class in America, the elite who are the product of “the good schools”, tend to embrace and celebrate progressive taxation and diversity as high moral principles. What if we applied them?
The gateway to membership in the elite and opportunities for fabulous wealth and power runs through the admissions offices of our best universities, the Ivy League and a few other select intitutions and a handful of old, highly exclusive, liberal arts colleges. What if we put a special surtax on the purchase of tuition on a sliding scale that correlated with how many generations that members of a family have matriculated at such schools? Plus a few other tweaks here and there.

It's a fun and interesting read.   A wave across the internet to the good folks at Winds Of Change.


  1. In the comments section, Zen points out:

    "My proposal is serious in the same sense that suggestions for eating Irish babies was a serious effort to alleviate hardship in old Ireland ;)"


  2. Great music for a mellow Saturday evening...thanks aridog!