Sunday, April 18, 2010

Losers And More Losers

Earlier this week, a friend emailed me and made me aware of the ugliness lurking at a blog I've been sporadically reading.  I'm glad he did, because I missed this thread entirely. 

what is ironic is that not one yenta in NY would even shop in Israel let alone live there... all these people that say it is important to have that country would never live there either...  let them all move to idaho or wherever and then just nuke the whole area.. but these stpuid wailing walls need to be hugged every day or something...

Ugh.  I don't think I'll be reading anything else those chumps have to say.

Then this morning, I was browsing the local crime stories when I ran across this disgusting nugget.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has asked the FCC to rule if Glenn Miller is an actual candidate in the race for the Senate seat being vacated by Kit Bond.

According to his website, Miller once headed the White Party, white supremacist and a former paramilitary organizer who raised the ire of broadcasters with his message of hate that he wants run on radio and television stations in this election cycle.

Miller's ads implores whites "to take their country back" and disparages Jewish people and non-whites.

The thought that his "campaign" ads might be broadcast over the airways turns my stomach, but I guess it's better to know your enemy rather than turning over every rock looking for him.


  1. Just for information: radio stations have no control over what candidates for Federal office say in their campaign ads. Several years ago, Barry Commoner, a Presidential candidate for some 8th party, used the word "shit" in his ads. Broadcast stations had to run them as they were -- the stations could not edit them or reject them. Please do not mistake this in any way as endorsing what these disgusting cretins have to say -- it's just to let you know what the law is.

    I like to remember a story I heard about Thomas Sowell a few years ago. A liberal Jewish person asked what Jews had to do to get blacks to like them. Sowell replied: lose. In other words, people who work hard and succeed are resented by lazy scum such as Glenn Miller- a piece of white trash. Such bigotry and idiocy knows has no color restrictions. It takes intelligent people to appreciate that the advances made in civilization come from people who work for them -- not the self-described victims of the world. As long as there are Thomas Sowells, there is hope.

  2. I just DELINKED zero hedge from our blogroll. Ptooey.

  3. Matt, I'm a huge Thomas Sowell fan. Glenn Miller's not qualified to scrape the mud off the bottom of Sowell's shoes.

    I can't tell you how much I despise the white supremacy crowd. They're ALL white trash.

  4. I'm the "friend" which lady red referred to in her post.

    I've been reading Zero Hedge for about a year, or so, close to when they started up.

    The postings are uneven but occasionally indispensable - they broke stories on High Frequency Trading (HFT) - basically the big brokers method of "legally" front running the entire market. This story was eventually picked up by the mainstream press and I believe HFT restrictions have found there way into the draft financial reform bills. This is good stuff.

    I've not seen overtly antisemitic crap from the posters, and I've seen them ban overtly antisemitic crap in the comments. (As lady red points out, obviously there is crap they don't ban, either). There are "diarist" types who write stuff; I've not read all of them so I can't say.

    The thing to take away here is that there is real substantial overlap between the people who hate the bank bailouts, who believe Wall St is out to expropriate the middle class, who want to "end the Fed", and who are adherents of the "Austrian school" of economics (Von Mises, Hayek, etc) - and those people who have the Mearsheimer and Walt view of the US relationship with Israel.

    This is important, because those of us fed up with Washington have lots of different opinions about the war on terror - some quite odious. Some folks feel its been a waste, and some of those believe its been a scam to "help secure Israel". (Like the WoT has worked out so very, very well for them. Oy.)


    The commenters on ZH are by and large juvenile and aggressively stupid. They like hearing themselves talk and I seldom find it rewarding to comment there, on any topic, actually.

    Nonetheless, I personally intend to continue to read the main posts there, because I find some of them required reading.

    I will suggest the Financial Times' Alphaville blog as a substitute for financial stories - actually, when ZH runs something really interesting, they'll link it.

  5. Lewy, I didn't know if you posted at ZH, and I didn't want to cause you any trouble if you did. :)

  6. Thanks very much for the consideration lady red, but "trouble" is the primary modality of discourse at ZH ;)