Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Govt plan to decrease unemployment: bring in more immigrants

" mean it's OUR unemployment rate that's the problem?"
With 1 in 5 Americans out of work, Obama issues over a million green cards

This is like the govt plan to shore up the auto industry.
"OH! You mean shore up the AMERICAN auto industry?
Oops, we sent all the money to China."

The Department of Homeland Security has just reported that during 2009, they issued 1,130,818 new Green Cards to foreign nationals, allowing them to work legally in this country. That number represents the fourth highest number of cards issued in one year.

750,000 of the new Green Cards were given to the families of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

The top four recipient nations are as follows:

-China…receiving 64,238

The best analysis I've seen puts US unemployment at nearly 22%.


  1. I'd believe 22%. Jobs are few, far between, and low-paying around here.

    The Republicans sent me a questionnaire today, and they asked me to send them money for the 2010 election. Huh?

    What part of "hey, we're broke!" don't these guys understand? I told them to hit up the bankers and Wall Streeters. They're the only ones with any money.

  2. I used to get those questionaires from the RNC. They would ask me a bunch of questions, then tell me that would send me the results of the survey if I sent them some money. I never liked that. I don't think it accomplishes anything to do that.

    You would think that if they relly wanted people to get interested in the party they would tell people what the party stood for.

  3. Sounds like a good idea Matt, but then someone might hold them to it ;O)
    As it is, what they say they stand for and what their elected official members do are two different things.