Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dyed chicks making animal rights activists

Now how cute is this?
Apparently these chicks are all the rage in Asia:

I disagree with the activists on this one. Someone that won't care properly for a purple chick isn't going to care for it in its natural color either.
The Sun


  1. To no one's surprise I'm sure, I'd have to say this idea is best. There are enough problems with chicken for food production without this nonsense.

  2. Of course it's idiotic, Aridog ;O)
    But it's the kinda weird silly thing people think up to do that doesn't seem to harm anything. Wears off in a few weeks. Now the people in Asia EATING the chicks? Eww. Don't know why, but eating a chicken seems so much more...dunno...nicer? than eating a fluffy adorable baby chick :OX

  3. Monocolor is ok... but I want some self-assembling nanotech which will result in paisley and tartan chicks. Now _that_ would be impressive.

  4. Nanochicks. Nanochicks that could take over the world by replicating themselves. Yep, that'd be impressive! Like tribbles, 'cept...different!

  5. Yeah. If you see a blue chick split into a cyan chick and a magenta chick, it's all over for mankind...

  6. LOL at you all!

    The chicks are adorable.