Thursday, June 22, 2017

I Was There: Moody Blues

Without a doubt the most boring concert I ever attended.  Zero stage presence, zero charisma, zero audience interaction.

Music was great.  Atmosphere was non-existent.  Saw them at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver B.C.  Mine, and I'm sure most everyone else's favourite MB song, Nights in White Satin (oh shit, it just occured to me that that could be interpreted as a hate crime)...


  1. I saw the Moody Blues about 25 years ago at the Western Washington Fair. The opening act was the Jefferson Airplane with Paul Kantner along with a Grace Slick look-alike and a bunch of Starship hold overs. Every song sounded the same (which is something I have noticed in several of the concerts I have been to). The most excitement for the Airplane was when a 70+ year old Papa John Creach came out to play his fiddle.

    So when the Moody Blues came out they could have played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and we would have been excited. I think the audience thought the MB were good. Maybe they had an off night when you saw them, or I saw them in. Smaller venue so they could feel the vibe from the audience.

  2. I had a boss who raved about the Moody Blues concerts he and his wife would see, at Great Woods I'm pretty sure. Wanna join us?

    I was like um... yeah, about that... so... no, I guess, basically...

    I managed to narrowly escape a social obligation to sit through a Radiohead concert recently. That... would have been worse.


  3. Now I have "Tuesday Afternoon" looping through my brain. Arghhh...:))

    Yeah, "Nights" is definitely a racist dog whistle hatey-McHate crime. Or something.

  4. While the long version of Tuesday Afternoon work in the context of the whole album, it is redundant when played by the self. In that case the single version is better.