Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Wow.  That was one hell of a speech.

Here is my (limited/xenophobic) take:

An extremely well crafted speech. Some points that stood out for me (probably because i'm Canadian) were:
Trump mentioned the Canadian PM by name "Justin Trudeau" cue the fact that everyone knows JT is a Socialist and is operating a Socialist government in Canada. Trump mentions that JT, and he, came to some agreement on trade (JT is an idjit, out maneuvered and out smarted by Trump). The trap is laid.
Many minutes later, Trump starts talking about a new "Immigration" system, one that mirrors/copies the Canadian model of immigrants having to earn "points" to qualify for entry as an immigrant. The trap closes.
A Socialist leader (JT) of a Western democracy (Canada) enforces an immigration system that vets and tests and holds up pre-stated standards to potential immigrants.
Fucking brilliant.


  1. That ws one good speech. Of course the idiot leftists, excuse my redundancy, will find fault with it. But they are idiots.

  2. I'm watching it now on Breitbart. I don't agree with everything of course, but I'm VERY impressed by his oratory skill, his vast scope, and his vision. Presidential. Measured. Thoughtful. STRONG.

    The wommyn in white are pathetic and embarrassing. The Dems need to clean house.

    And yeah, he skewered JT. Ugh. That boy makes my skin crawl. He's as ugly on the inside as he is pretty on the outside.

    1. With respect to paid leave - I found this instapundit post interesting.

    2. That is interesting lewy. It ties into what I've been pondering since the speech; Trump's intention to have more women working in STEM fields. I think he said that 1 in 4 females with STEM degrees are not working in their fields.

      My first thought upon hearing this was: Gamergate.

      And the rest of my rather long comment I just deleted. I may comment further (and stick my neck out) if this becomes a lively discussion here. :)

    3. Also, I've purchased this.


      I haven't started it yet, but thumbing through the text I was surprised by how much of this stuff I already know. I'm looking forward to expanding my mad coding skillz. Hahaha! Any other suggestions?

    4. You know about the developer tools built into the Chrome browser, right? (Actually I think all browsers have them now.)

      Learning your way around the dev console allows you to override annoying pages that won't let you do things like right click, select/copy, save image, save media, etc. You just find the offending javascript and pluck it out! Or the name of the media file in the cache, and move it.

    5. Also: At the heart of basically everything is JSON. It's a subset of javascript used to describe data only (not action). If you understand JSON you understand much.

    6. I run Chrome on my big laptop, and have a little ChromeBook that I take to work. And no, I didn't know about the dev tools! I'll research them tonight.

      I'm not familiar at all with JSON. Adding it to my learning list! Thanks lewy!

    7. Ctl-Shift-J. Try it! It's like popping the hood.

    8. I saw Ley's comment in the side bar and I thought he was using a naughty word!

  3. Replies
    1. I saw a post on FB that said some big Hollywood stars are going to go on strike until Trump resigns.

      That is a double winner for us: Trump remains President and we won't have crap coming from Tinseltown.