Saturday, November 14, 2015

Well, That Didn't Take Long...

From Bloomberg:
For Merkel, the terror struck just as she struggles to rally the German public and her own party behind her refusal to restrict this year’s record influx of refugees and migrants. In her first public comments on the attacks, she gave no sign of backing down and suggested that giving in to intolerance would hand the terrorists a victory.
 “As citizens, our answer is clear,” she said Saturday in Berlin, her voice cracking. “We believe in the rights of every individual to seek his fortune, in respect for others and in tolerance. We know that our free lives are stronger than any terror.”
 “This attack on freedom isn’t just aimed at Paris. It’s aimed at all of us and impacts all of us,” Merkel said Saturday. “Let us reply to the terrorists by resolutely living our values and by redoubling those values across all of Europe -- now more than ever.”
Completely predictable.


  1. I do not understand. This attitude is suicide.

    What the HELL is the end game? The "immigrants" are not going to get jobs as long as they're being housed and fed and entertained. They are not going to support aging Germans. That can't be the real goal here.

    Who wins if Europe is reduced to sharia law and savagery?

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    2. What the HELL is the end game?

      Very important question. The horror is not that it cannot work; the horror is that it can.

      An EU/member state political apparatus which is opaque will make actual accountability difficult. Banning "problematic" political parties will make actual accountability impossible.

      Middle class people with skills will vote "correctly", keep their heads down and their mouths shut if they want to keep their jobs/appointments/assets etc.

      The migrants will live in their millions and do little but consume. Ironically, the required government expenditure will help the EU economy chug along. Yes, this can be afforded. Money can always be printed. Because deflation is the biggest risk right now in the global economy, it almost makes sense to print some - and spend it into existence by providing for people.

      And nobody will much trust each other, but that's OK, since Mutti Merkel and her scrutiny of social media will keep everyone in line. The State is the intermediary of last resort; and technology is making this more efficient. It can work!

      See, it was really the genocidal racism of the WWII period which required expiation; if a little "light" totalitarianism is required to eradicate racism, well, so be it!

    3. That's frightening and depressing lewy.

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    1. Steyn is awesome.

      Karlin is a Jew-hating troll.

    2. Oh, thanks lewy. I'm not that familiar with his writing. Round-file Karlin!

    3. I read his whole piece.

      The Syrian Civil War was a primarily US sponsored project to weaponize their Islamist lackeys to break up Syria for make benefit of Israel.

      Bzzzt. Wrong answer.

    4. "for make benefit"


      He's speaking in Yoda. Thanks for the warning, lewy, I won't bother reading him.

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    1. You hit the bullseye with everything you said.

    2. That's the beauty of being a politician in a country with "anti-Nazi" laws.

      Your opponents are all Nazis! Problem solved!

      Keep in mind a good chunk of Germans are ardent leftists - they support Merkel across party lines.

      Shaüble, the finance minister, is really the only one who can take her down in her own party, and he's sticking with her.

      I'd read about the Facebook meeting. Merkel just sat down uninvited next to Zuckerberg and started telling him what to do. And he is complying. The EU can make life very difficult for Facebook and he has revenue and employees to think about. Facebook has basically made the decision to comply with all authorities everywhere - he'd be happy to help the Chinese government outsource its own internal surveillance; they won't give him the chance. Not because they don't trust him, they just don't want to pay him.

    3. I've noticed that all right-wingers are considered "extremists" or "nazis" these days. It shuts down all conversation.

      Some days I want to move to northern Alaska and live in an igloo.

    4. Kickstarter idea: Igloo trailer. For snowmobiles.

    5. Not only Merkel. It seems that the majority of world "leaders" today are insane, or at least self-hating enough to go for therapy.

      The greatest trouble is that they spread the results of their self-hatred to those they are supposed (and in some cases are sworn) to protect.

    6. Zombies. Zombies everywhere.

  4. lewy14 said ...

    The horror is not that it cannot work; the horror is that it can.


  5. Mark Steyn is absolutely correct.

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    1. Yeah. No. Worst. song. ever. Imagine that.

    2. Fay, you may not be 29 anymore, but you snark with the best of the Millennials.

      Girl after my own heart... ;)