Friday, February 27, 2015

RIP Leonard Nimoy


  1. Even as an older man he exuded sexiness and class. You'll be missed Mr. Nimoy.

  2. Like many of you, I was a teen when the original Star Trek began and I loved it. I've always admired Mr. Nimoy, he was such a gentleman.

    RIP and my condolences to his family.

  3. I loved Star Trek too florrie. And remember the show "In Search Of..."? He was great in that series as well.

  4. Yes, I had forgotten about that one, lady red. I kind of felt for the cast of Star Trek, they were so type-cast by the series, with William Shatner being the only one to break out to different roles. At least they all had the opportunity to act in several of the successful films.

    It scared me because I read he died of COPD :-(

  5. I forgot to mention, I love it that the Vulcan sign actually is a Jewish blessing that he learned from his youth!

  6. Very sad - he will be missed by millions.

    I think it's telling and creepy that we're losing the cast of Star Trek and the Apollo astronauts at roughly the same time.

    I miss the future; apparently it was canceled and we were not informed.

  7. I miss the future; apparently it was canceled and we were not informed.

    You sure have a way with words, lewy.

    1. Thanks flo - my wording may be original (may be; if I borrowed it from someone it would not surprise me) but the theme is one which Glenn Reynolds has been pretty vocal on.

      Also Peter Thiel, who, referring to Twitter, said this: we were promised flying cars, and instead we got 140 characters.

      The future sure isn't what it used to be.