Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hot Off The Presses of Middle Finger News

Who Be the Stupid Ones?

                                                  Middle Finger News Guest Editorial
                                                           By Dr. Jonathan Gruber

I’m not the egomaniacal, deceptive monster you think I am.
Making the rounds on the internet is an unflattering video of me speaking at an academic conference, a place where great minds share the fruits of scholarship. To the uninformed viewer, one of my remarks may seem disparaging, as if I were suggesting American voters suffer from below-average intelligence. The 22-second clip if often viewed out of context, and it’s a far cry from what I was clumsily trying to express, which was simply this:
You stupid. Me not stupid.



  1. Great find, lady red. Ain't it the truth?

    I find it deliciously ironic that Gruber is actually not too swift - going around the country like a puff fish, giving his talks about how he's just too kool for skool and outsmarted the rest of us schlubs - all on video. I like Greg Gutfeld's take. Gruber is a hero, shining light on the progressive agenda. There are 5 video tapes to date and undoubtedly more to come, giving Gruber's name its rightful place in the Blogosphere alongside Robert Fisk.

    1. Puff fish? Hahaha, perfect florrie! He really has the big head. What an arrogant little puff fish, in an arrogant little pond. I can't believe that the taxpayers paid him so much money. Oh wait, yes I can.

      The day Obama and his merry band of puff fish are out of office, I'll be shooting fireworks off my deck and breaking open a bottle of champagne.

  2. Gruber is the gift that keeps on giving.

    That said, I think he also spells the end of the "Mitt Romney is tanned, rested and ready" campaign.

    Romney might have been able to dissemble and finesse his way around creating a health care exchange in Massachusetts.

    But there is no freakin' way Mittens will ever be able to live down his association with Jon Gruber.

    1. Agreed. Mittens is toast. And I'm okay with that.

  3. Well I disagree and here's why ;-)

    Massachusetts has every right to formulate their own health care plan and 99% of their House and 100% of their Senate voted for it. Polls are a few years old but they showed that 84% of people in Massachusetts are happy with their plan. Romney as governor tried to veto several parts of the plan that he didn't like but his vetoes were overridden by the Legislature (78% dems). There are no state exchanges in Romneycare, there is simply no comparison between a state law and Obamacare.

    I think Romney would have been a very good president, certainly a gigantic improvement over the PoS currently residing there. I voted for him and would vote for him again in a heartbeat.

    He's not the person that perpetrated a huge fuckup on the American people.

    1. flo, I totally agree with you about the Mass healthcare plan - it's exactly the kind of thing which makes federalism great. You want to do that, Massachusetts, awesome, let the rest of us know how it goes.

      But the thing that Obamacare and Romneycare have in common is... Jon Gruber. My understanding is that Gruber was a chief architect of Romneycare.

      I can't imagine this point would go unused by Romney's Republican primary opponents. I imagine it could be quite damaging.

    2. That's politics. His wife has said unequivicably that he will not be running in 2016. He stated that as well and reiterated that he just wants to do all he can with fundraising and lending any other support to get a republican back in the White House.

  4. I agree that Romney's time has passed, but not because of Gruber. He was (and remains) too much a gentleman for the shit-storm of lies that Dems will use against anyone who dares to challenge their next "inevitable".

    I still can't believe he did not scream to heaven about the obvious complicity between 0bama & Crowley during the second debate, but just shook his head and continued - too much a gentleman to call out the liars to their faces