Tuesday, August 7, 2012

As The Philippines Drown

Massive flooding in the Metropolitan Manila Area has killed dozens and sent thousands fleeing to higher ground.

Among the refugees is the sometimes commenter known here as Warrior, and her 4&1/2 year old grandson, Matthew.  They are safe for now, but had to walk away from their new home, and could carry nearly nothing with them.


  1. Oh no. She's really had a tough time the past few years, and now this. :(

    I'm thankful that she and Matthew are safe. Warrior is an amazingly strong and inspirational woman, and I admire her very much.

    1. UPDATES: I heard the whole story from Warrior this morning (rather than a short version in a text message). On Tuesday morning, with no classes in any Manila area schools, Matthew wanted to go out to play. The rain had stopped for a while, so Warrior let him out. When she looked, however, she saw knee-high water in the street in front of her home. She called a co-worker on higher ground, and went there to stay overnight.

      This morning, my time, she was back in her home, and there was no damage, the water did not get higher than when she fled. It seems there were some cracks in a retaining wall, and her block was undamaged, but those downhill from her were not so lucky.

      The is evening, my time, there was a new text message. This time it is the river, fed from the Wawa Flood Control Dam, which is rising, a much more dangerous situation.

      They, and all neighbors, have now evacuated.

  2. That's awful! :-( I'll be praying for her - thanks for the update.

  3. TY for the update, Dances. I did finally see this on the news. Please tell Warrior that she and her loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Well, they went back a second time, and spent one night at home, and then the rains began again and the river started to rise.

    They've evacuated for a third time now, and I am waiting to hear their situation.

    It is generally pretty grim for a lot of areas in and around Manila.

  5. Thank you for the updates DWT. :(

  6. The death toll is up to 85 by the latest count. Warrior and her granson are back in their home, and yesterday was dry so the rivers are down a bit, but there is another tropical depression centered near the them now, and it is raining heavily there again.

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