Friday, July 27, 2012

Josateki Naulu

Be still my heart!  The prize for hottest Olympic flag bearer goes to Fiji, oh my.
Judo go.


  1. Wow...dude looks hawt in a grass skirt. Not that I'm looking at the skirt. :D

    1. LOL lay red, me ether. What skirt?

    2. You know, we men are tired of you women undressing us with your eyes. Er, no we're not on second thought.

    3. You know, the whole "metro" thing has already made chest-waxing normal for the younger set. Clearly there is also a potential market for "chest oil". To show off your waxed chest.

  2. Don't worry, my eyes weren't hurting at the sight of many of the ladies, either.

    Not that any of them were as pretty as Fay, though....

  3. Semi... off topic...

    This is a little tidbit I noticed in the opening ceremony that I've not seen reported anywhere yet... a TCKT exclusive!

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who originated the hypertext markup language format and hypertext protocol for the internet - i.e. the "World Wide Web" - live-tweeted a message from the stage at the opening ceremony.

    What nobody commented on was the machine he was using: take a close look...


    It's a NeXT box - the machine Steve Jobs built when he was kicked out of Apple in the late '80's. Here's a picture of Steve Jobs with a NeXT computer - you can see it's the same machine Tim Berners-Lee had on stage...


    Tim's original hypertext work took place on the NeXT platform. The NeXT operating system software went on to become the basis of the current Mac OS X.

    A little bit of Steve Jobs was there on stage tonight. Somewhere, Steve is smiling.

  4. Wow, lewy, that's amazing that you even knew about that NeST box and caught it!!!

    The Fiji guy is hawt, no doubt about it :-)