Friday, July 6, 2012

Geek Heaven: Geralt of Rivia

The people are in danger from monsters, twisted creatures beyond any mere human's ability to fight.  In order to ward off this threat, men take damnation upon themselves, and condemn others.  Recruiting young boys according to a pattern that none can discern, the Witchers replenish themselves by generations.  Mutagens, strange magics, strong herbs: all combine to create a new creature, not quite human, not quite monster, but able to fight the danger, to save the people.  Loved, feared and hated, the Witchers roam the countryside, fighting monsters for pay. 

And no Witcher has ever been more famous than Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf himself.

It is said that as he entered middle age, he took upon the charge of King Foltest, whose daughter had been condemned by foul magic and a curse to become a Stirga, a dreaded killer of men by night.  Foltest could not give up the love for his daughter despite her condition; after years of paying of useless wizard after useless priest, he had become convinced that if someone--anyone--could keep the Stirga out of her tomb for the night, the curse would be broken and his daughter restored to him. 

The White Wolf would be perfect for the job.

Using a corrupt merchant as bait, Geralt readied himself for the job.  He used his best potions, though he had to be careful they could not overwhelm him in toxicity.  He prepared himself, used his best silver sword, silver-studded gauntlets and silver chain to subdue, but not kill, the monstrous princess.

As dusk become night, the time approached.  The Witcher would do his duty.

A  scar would be the least he took from this encounter.

A Witcher's work is never done, however.  Practice, constant, is necessary.


  1. I read that as "Geraldo Rivera" at first glance...

  2. Totally different Geralt. The one you're thinking of is moustachio-powered.