Friday, December 9, 2011

Local Boy Remembers When He Was a Teenager.

We have heard Michael Buble' on the radio just sitting in with the hosts, even on the local sports station. We know people who know people who know him very well, and everything we hear indicates that he is a great guy. Someone posted this video on Facebook, and it is great.

Michael Buble Heckled By Mom - Watch MoreFunny Videos

Since you heard a snippet, why not the whole song?

Friday afternoon music?


  1. Oh sh*t. I love the reaction when he finally starts singing. That guy has a voice.

    Umm, we just need to auto tune it. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

    I swear, I can't tell if it is a woman or man singing nowadays. and get off my lawn!!!

  2. My son LOVES Bublé. LOVES. It's going to get him in good with the ladies as he gets older, I think.

    Hee hee! But true.

  3. Fay, I just loved it, it was so spontaneous and surprising.

    I have heard this song (and of Michael Buble) but didn't know much about him. What a nice guy.

  4. This is the sort of thing that drove my generation (not all you young whippersnappers) into blues, soul and rock&roll.

    The level of musical proficiency is high. In fact I could imagine Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis singing EXACTLY the same song, with exactly the same sound.

    Bit there is no feeling there. It is all style and no substance.

  5. Wow - that kid is a cool cucumber. I would have run screaming from a moment like that at fifteen, even if I'd had the talent.

    Best part?

    Holy sh*tballs, mom! has now officially entered the lexicon.

    Dances, with respect to substance - it's contingent on really having lived - when very young people perform, it's all mimicry; it may be good mimicry (and convince other young people), character is a product of pain, and pain is a function of time.

    Those rare voices which accrue sufficient pain within a short time pay a price (e.g. Amy Winehouse).

  6. I think there is plenty of soul in that. Soul does not mean scraming your guts out, even if it does work at times.

  7. Well, Matt - I'm not talking about screaming.

    There just seems to me to be no genuine emotion in that song, just as there was not in most of the popular music I remember from the 50's and early 60's.

    Sinatra especially, despite his undoubted vocal talents, always seemed to be singing his songs with a wink and a nudge and an 'I don't really believe this' attitude.

    In fact, I think the 15 year old put more into it in the 3 lines I heard him sing than the pro did in the whole song.

  8. I agree that lots of '50's stuff is over produced tripe. But I like this one. I don't know, there is something of a subtleness that I find works. I checked out other versions of the song, but none of the had the emotion to me, either in tone or in phrasing.

    Of course, it is all a matter of taste.