Friday, October 28, 2011

Where OWS Headlines Come From

From the folks at

Stolen from Red Eye ;-)


  1. Really cute florrie! Good find! :)

  2. Red Eye does some funny stuff.

    I wonder how many people even know Goofus and Gallant these days. I know Highlights is still published, but I wonder if it has a wide circulation.

  3. The Highlights bit was pitch perfect with the over-the-top crazy.

    Do not bring your F***ING POLITICS into this man!


  4. Matt, I absolutely LOVED Highlights as a kid and bought it for my nieces and nephews when they were young. But I can't for the life of me remember Goofus and Gallant; that makes the spoof even funnier :-)

  5. Goofus an Gallant was the monthly lesson in manners:

    "When Goofus was told by his mother that it was bed time, he told he said f**k off."

    "When Gallant was told it was bed time, he said, yes, Mother.''"

    Corny, maybe. But I enjoyed it.

    I remembered them when I read Highlights in the early '60s, and I remember it when we subscribed to my son in the early 90s.

    Speaking of the Young'un, I sent him the link to the Table and he said he would check it out. He's a smart cookie and I think we can learn some things from him and he can learn some things from us.