Friday, October 7, 2011

Quintessentially Corporate

I suppose all those anti-capitalist, Wall Street protesters were not amongst the folks mourning the death of Steve Jobs. After all they probably don't own Mac's or iPads or iPods.

Photo stolen from a friend of a friend of a FB friend:

Hypocricy exposed. Here.


  1. Love it, Fay! Latest I heard about the "protests" were that the ^^^ in NY are getting tired of it and the unions are ready to bus in replacements.

    Oh, but wait...I thought it was spontaneous and unorganized?

    The left has a little consistency problem. First the Tea Pary people are "teabaggers", "racists", "dangerous",
    "hostage-takers", "terrorists", etc., etc. Now the tea party is a handy analogy for these so-called "99 %ers".


  2. Those OWS scum have not idea how the world works. If they were to get their wish and the "rich people" of American were to be executed (or at least sent to re-education camps after their wealth was taken away) the OWSites would be the first to scream when their goodies started to go away and the source of their food stamps dried up.

  3. Well, this is interesting. The Oath Keepers are engaging with the protesters, apparently.

    Notice the efforts in this post to distance themselves from the OWS organizers - roger that.

    There are some folks who apparently were originally "Tea Partiers" who are on the same page as the Oath Keepers. Some of them are also complete asshats - e.g. Alex Jones. So this isn't exactly an all star crew.

    What I see happening is unfortunate, though - the conservative grass roots is at risk of getting split here. Some are taking the position that "these protestors are genuinely frustrated but are being used and misdirected by the Left". Others like Brietbart et al are taking the position that the protesters are ridiculous and deserve nothing but ridicule.

    Lest I be misunderstood - the protesters are ridiculous and deserving of ridicule. Full stop.

    All I question is whether this tactic is wise politically. There is a danger that we end up defending the status quo.

    I'm torn myself here, because I find myself squarely in the Instapundit/PJM/Breitbart wing of the Tea Party, and yet the tactic that the Oath Keepers are taking makes sense to me - even though it requires some pretty tortured explanations - see below.

  4. [Forgive the longer excerpt from the Oath Keepers but I think this is worth reading:]

    We have had numerous reports from our people who have attended some of these rallies, from Occupy Seattle to Occupy Los Angeles to Occupy Boston. Our reports indicate that many of the youth showing up at these events are people who have been suddenly awakened to the realization that this nation is in serious trouble. Many are frightened, more are angry, and most are confused. Oath Keepers notes that certain forces (socialists and Marxists) are attempting to co-opt their awakening by pointing a finger at Wall Street and using the very real and well documented corruption there, which is certainly obvious to all, to attack “capitalism”. They are using the sins of corporatism, a.ka. crony capitalism, to attach the ideal of a free market and economic freedom in general, in order to persuade our youth that socialism (a soft form of communism) is to be preferred over the madhouse tactics of berserk corporate America, or, “Wall Street”. They are presenting them a false choice between fascism (which is the proper name for a marriage between big government and big business) and Marxism, while totally ignoring the free market and sound money that our Constitutional Republic is supposed to have.
    This is a lie being sold to our nation’s youth. Oath Keepers intends to redirect that lie back to the truth, which is the fact that the Federal Reserve is at the heart of the problem and without the Fed the bad boys of Wall Street could not do so much damage to our country.
    Therefore, Oath Keepers sees good reason to stand in the streets with these awakening souls and protect their right to free speech, to peacefully assemble, and to redress their grievances to their government, as the Constitution prescribes for all Americans. That is one thing. Another facet of our initiative is to use these public gatherings to reach and teach many who now hunger for the truth – we can show them how the Constitution will protect them better than an oversized, bloated Federal behemoth hell-bent on controlling every aspect of each citizen’s life.
    To point this out to the masses, Oath Keepers is organizing a joint effort along with Alex Jones of Infowars dot com (who himself called for an Occupy the Fed movement); Steven Vincent of End The Fed; Danny Panzella’s Truth Squad TV; Brandon Smith of; Gary Franch of Restore The Republic; and others as quickly as we can contact them. Remember Bob Dwyer, the guy who started the first Tea Party to launch the Ron Paul revolution? He’s in. The forces of Constitutional rule of law must muster now to deflect the bile being belched forth by the socialist/statist extremists who work for Soros and his ilk. Soros wants our youth to believe that capitalism is the enemy within, while in truth it is the Federal Reserve. Oath Keepers has the message American youth need. If we do not go out into the street and give them the truth, can we really say we’re still honoring our Oath?

  5. "Usually activists have neither practical experience nor economic literacy, so they go around blithely creating huge costs for those who have to work for a living and those who employ them. Not only businesses but Californians as a whole end up paying a staggering price so that a relative handful of people who are a drain on society can feel superior to those who contribute to it."

    - Dr. Thomas Sowell

  6. The pure absurdity of the OWS crowd is exemplified by their "protest" wails, followed by absolutely no "solutions" founded in reality. 3 year olds have a better grip ... they at least know where their livelihood comes from.

    I can barely be bothered to even read about the OWS antics. No of those there have ever created anything, built anything, or failed to line up for doles of various kinds.


  7. Fay, your post is perfect! A majority of these "protesters" are hypocritical idjits, to say the least. Florrie said it best in #1.

    DWT, the quote by Dr. Sowell is spot on.

    Lewy, methinks the Oathkeepers are dancing on VERY thin ice with this one. I wish them luck, and hope they don't sully their good name.

    Aridog, I don't blame you for not wanting to read about the "protests". Today there was a photo of a riff-raffer pooping on a police car. Disgusting.

  8. Matt, that's the most inexplicable part for me. They are essentially demanding a miserable existence for themselves, aren't they? How will they react when they lose their fancy electronic toys, and their expensive grungy-looking duds, and their plush, rent-free rooms at the family McMansion? What the hell are they thinking? I seriously don't get why young people would participate in this at all. Maybe they're just scared out of their wits, and don't know what to do.

    Join the crowd, kids.

  9. I think the OWSers assume that all of the things they have just appear out of nowhere (G*d can't be providing them because they don't believe in G*d) and that everyone has those things and everyone is entitled to them. I read a comment mentioning how the OWSers did not want to buy sleeping bags because they were "corporate," and that they would just make their own. The comment asked where they planned to get the yarn and the knitting needles.

    They "know" that everyone has the right to freedom of speech. They "know" that things are better in Cuba because many people, after traveling to Cuba, say that absolutely NO ONE has anything bad to say about the government. Really? How about an "Occupy Havana" movement that criticizes the Castro regime. See how far that gets them.

    If these people would actually study history they would know that the useful idiots are usually the first to go after the despots take control. I may very well go down in the fight, but I'll be up there laughing at them.

    I doubt things would get that far, anyway, after they find out that revolution is hard work -- and work, much less hard work, is a foreign concept to the OWSers.

  10. "the useful idiots are usually the first to go after the despots take control"


  11. "the useful idiots are usually the first to go after the despots take control"

    Noah said essentially the same thing the other day (perhaps a bit more...graphically).

  12. On this very same subject, you might be interested in this article: The moral unseriousness of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

    Talking of which, since the left is always so virulently anti-occupation, why have they named their movement "Occupy"? Some moral ambivalence here?

  13. Good article annie. We all see the hyperbole and ridiculousness of these "occupy protests, but I'm not sure anything will sway the people carrying placards and crapping on police cars.

    For them, this is entertainment, a story to tell their classmates, bragging rights, being part of the "cool crowd". If they actually realized the gravity of what they're demanding, they'd turn chalk-white, tuck their tails between their legs, and quietly go home. At least I'd like to think so.

  14. The article is interesting, Annie, though most of the comments there are quite foolish.