Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Supreme Court To Face Mecca

Ann Coulter (Yeah, I know) on just why it is that LSP's* are so enamored of the Supreme Court.

* Liberal/Socialist/Progressive

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  1. ALL of this is good, but this is best:

    "Meanwhile, elected Democrats in Congress are also happy to yield their law-making authority to the court, so they don't have to be the ones voting for laws mandating late-term abortions; hard-core pornography on the Internet; government-sanctioned race discrimination; forced cross-district busing; confiscatory property tax hikes to fund socially engineered school desegregation plans; bans on the public observation of religious traditions shared by most Americans; free education, health care and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants; and a redefinition of the 2,000-year-old institution of marriage against the express wishes of voters in every state to vote on it.

    (Note: This is only a partial list.)"

    No doubt that Ann nails it, yet again.