Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hello & Thank you

Conservative Kitchen Table is a wonderful blog and a regular read so many many thanks for giving me the chance to post here - and thanks also for all your lovely support recently.

It will be a pleasure to focus my mind on politics - and include the occasional photo :) The one above is of Clerkenwell Green in central London, half a mile down the road from where we live - featuring our favourite local pub on the corner there.

I'm based in London, so expect the politics will be mainly British to give you a flavour of it all - which I hope you'll enjoy. We are certainly living through some extraordinary political times here.

Nice to meet you all & cheers!

Alison (originally A Dirty Martini)


  1. Welcome and good to see your name up there, Alison. I'm delighted you chose to participate here and I'm looking forward to your insights on British politics.

    Lovely setting for your pub, wouldn't mind at all if I were sitting there having a pint.

  2. Thanks Luther!

    Sorry about the formatting of my other post - no idea how to get to it to match the blogs font.

  3. And I must say Alison, dahling, you looked fabulous on the red carpet at Cannes ;o)

    Actress Julie Atlas Muz, actress Dirty Martini, French director and actor Mathieu Amalric and actress Mimi Le Meaux arrive for the screening of the film Tournee