Saturday, August 10, 2019

Show me the money

There is a funny thing about PBS stations. You don't need to watch to know if a PBS station is having a pledge week. All you have to do do is look at their schedule of programs. When you see a number of nostalgic music programs, you know they are having a pledge week.

Back in the '80's those nostalgic music programs  showed a number of big band music shows.

In the '90's-'00's they showed Doo Wop shows.

For the past few years they have been showing music from the '60's.

Ten years from now they will be showing music from the '70's. The pledge week music programs they show tend to be about music that is forty to fifty years old.

Invariably, someone will make a comment along the lines of "It is great that PBS is keeping this music alive." While that may seem to be correct at first glance, you can't help but notice that these programs do seem to be keeping a certain type of music alive, but that is aimed at older people who have a great deal of disposable income. You do not see PBS pledge weeks filled with Gregorian chants. They aren't interested in keeping music alive, they are interested in keeping their pledge phones alive.

I was thinking about that recently. June was Gay Pride Month. Well, it seems that the first week of August was also Gay Pride Week. During that week we had a Vancouver network affiliated TV station with a rainbow image on Facebook. A Canadian airline had a rainbow image on Facebook. The Vancouver Canucks have had a rainbow image on Facebook for several months.

A number of comments were basically saying "Enough is enough." Others were saying that it was a good thing that such high-profile organizations show support for a group of people who have faced discrimination.

I do not excuse or condone violence aimed  at gay people (although I have noticed the tendency to say that whenever a gay person is a victim of a crime, it is immediately assumed to be a homophobic hate crime as if straight people are never crime victims). However, it can not be overlooked that, while gays have certainly faced needless discrimination, they, as a group, tend to do fairly well financially.

Are these organizations, these businesses, reaching out to a downtrodden group, or are they reaching out to a group that tends to have a great deal of disposable income? I do not see CTV, or Westjet, or the Vancouver Canucks celebrating First Nations (Canadianese for Native [Americans]). Is it the lifestyle of gays or the bank accounts of gays that they are celebrating?


  1. Great points, Matt. I think you're absolutely correct about PBS misleading their viewers about "keeping the music alive" although I had never thought about it in that way. I do believe most everything political is about the money. So yes, going overboard on gay-related events is certainly targeting their pocketbooks as well as towing the proper progressive line

    I personally believe in traditional marriage. I don't care one whit if gay people get married. I just don't happen to want to know what other people do with their genitals. Just as they are free to marry, I am free to believe in traditional marriage. Average gay people would agree with me, I think. But the gay activists are among the nastiest and most dishonest out there. They choose certain businesses to RUIN (never asking a Muslim bakery to make them a cake you notice). I'm glad some are fighting back. There must be a balance between individual rights and religious freedoms.

    Last night I was watching Dinesh D'Souza opining about the frightening state of our beloved country. Most recently the lies about DJT being a racist/white nationalist/nazi, etc., the threats and harassment of Mitch McConnell and the Castro's publishing Trump donors info on Twitter in the hopes of harassmen/violence ensuing. I agree with Dinesh that the right has had enough and we are read to PUSH BACK.

    Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful article.

  2. Good post Matt, I agree with you and with florrie. I am so sick of this rainbow everything. It is meaningless compared to the very real hardship and persecution gay people faced back when it was illegal, think Oscar Wilde and Alan Turing, to say nothing of the homosexuals rounded up and sent to Hitler's concentration camps.

    No gay person living in a first world western country has any reason to parade anything about their sexuality. Quite frankly it disturbs me to see practically naked people commiting extremely sexually suggestive acts in public while participating in a city sanctioned "parade".

    And don't get me started on the corporate sponsorship thing, it too is meaningless. I read a great story the other day about the skin care company,Nivea. Their ad agency suggested that Nivea jump on the rainbow wagon and do an ad campaign in conjunction with gay pride.The Nivea guy in charge of making that decision cut them of at the pass by simply saying "we don't do gay" bwahaha. Since then Matt and I have been going out of our way to buy everything Nivea.

    And no, I am not homophobic. Some of my best friends etc.

  3. If gay pride parades honoured the likes of Wilde and Turring, people would probably be more supportive. Instead they have turned into displays that would get anyone else arrested.

    The list of who is being excluded from such parades is amazing. The Vancouver parade rescinded an invitation to the University of British Columbia Library because they had a “transphobic” speaker.

  4. The conversation in progressive circles is much the same as yours, Matt. Not kidding!

    "When did Pride Month become so damn corporate!" is a complaint I heard daily during pride month.

    1. I suspect anyone who is not mentally deficient/ill is sick of the pandering, regardless of political or religious persuasion.

  5. More evidence of Matt's scoring a direct hit here:

    Don Draper: What you call love was invented by guys like me. To sell Nylons.

    PBS Exec: What you call nostalgia was invented by guys like me. To beg Money.

    Now read this, folks.

    And even this much truth is too much for a man to sign his true name to in this age. Sign o' the times, indeed.

  6. Nice post Matt.

    Question: who is getting hammered the hardest in the media, in business, even in places of worship? Who is truly being discriminated against, and hated, and driven out of the workforce? Hint: it's not gay folks.

    I once was a yearly donor to PBS, but I quit years ago.

    Fay, thanks for the info about Nivea! I'll support them all the way.

  7. Yes, I am going to buy nivea as well, thx Fay!

    I totally agree with you, I don't want any gay person to face discrimination or harassment. But I don't want to see them getting some kind of special status when I thought all along they just want want to be mainstream? I don't mind one bit if gay people get married, go for it! But don't ask a fundamentalist to bake your cake and don't insist that people think like you do. Live and let live.

    I also don't care to see the Folsom street parade. Remember when zombie used to cover it pictorially for LGF? Lordy, that was a while ago...