Thursday, August 10, 2017

Crying Over You

Some artists are the soundtrack of our lives...

Rest in peace, dear man. I can close my eyes and imagine your voice gracing heaven.


  1. Lovely selection lady red. RIP indeed. I loved the documentary "I'll Be Mine" his last few years couldn't have been much fun but he was well loved and well taken care of.

  2. He was one of those who always seemed just a genuinely nice person. Seeing what Alzheimers is doing to my mother, I can feel sympathy for his family, and a sense of loss for all who enjoyed his music

  3. Not that I have looked yet, but I would love to see a complete discography of the records Glen Campbell was on. I have been surprised at some of the ones I have heard he was on over the years.

    He also wrote songs. Back in the '60's a number of Pacific NW groups were signed to big labels, many do to the help of Paul Revere and the Raiders. One group was City Zu frame Bellevue. They had a single on Columbia called Give a Little Bit. I remember it back from the day. I found out about 25 years ago that it was co-written by Glen Campbell, along with Jerry Fuller. I was really surprised to find that out.

    Not sure if this link will slow as a link or if you will have to cut and paste it, but here it is. An unknown number to Mr. Campbell.

  4. Wow, interesting comment Matt. Glen was multi-