Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Last Crusade

Trump's win has shaken things up with the right as well as the left. What do you all think about this post by author John C. Wright? Is it a lone voice in the darkness or a rallying cry that will be taken up by the men of Christendom?

"We are behind enemy lines. A darkness is haunting the world. The lamps are going out. As the lamps die one by one, the darkness grows.
For too long, far too long, we have patiently watched the denigration, the desecration, and the destruction of all cherished things in life, great and small. We have seen our freedoms eroded, our wealth robbed, our culture corrupted, our laws and customs turned from loyal watchdogs to ravenous wolves, trespassing on the very rights they were erected to protect.
Nor is the corrosion limited to politics. The political order is the fruit of but one branch; the culture is the trunk; the soil is the moral foundation of the people. The bedrock is faith.
But in these days the rock is shattered, the soil is poisoned, the trunk is hollow, so the fruit is maggoty and putrid.  The religious, moral and cultural sources from which politics spring have also been savaged, beaten, and exiled. A whole world has been buried under a bottomless trashheap of lies and curses.
All branches of life are afflicted. The enemy is victorious on all fronts."

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  1. A powerful and necessary call to arms. they have been winning too much, because too many have turned their backs.

    It is time to turn around, and see the evil, face to face.

    Then to do what must be done

  2. I was in a doctor's office today, and they had a TV on CNN. They were covering how one of Trump's nominees was under fire, including by "some Republicans."

    "Some Republicans" being spelled M-c-C-a-i-n.

  3. McCain was a traitor in Vietnam, giving broadcasts about how he was a war criminal, and remains a traitor to this day