Friday, December 2, 2016

Make America Great Again!

And Merry Christmas!



  1. So far today on FB I have seen a post with a meme that basically says that tolerance does not mean the left has to be tolerant. Another post was an article from the New York Times that says that white workers are going to be screwed by Donald Trump. Yes, the New York Times said that.

    Yesterday I saw another comment of how the election of Donald Trump was like the rise of Hitler. I replied, }Hitler, you mean the guy who was the leader of the National SOCIALIST Workers Party?" If that person replied back I would have said "I will be worried about Donald Trump when they start naming schools after him as soon as he is elected and start teaching elementary school student to sing songs of pride to Trump."

    I just hope the RINOs go along with the program and allow things to get better.

    I have had it with the ignoramuses of the left and the elitists of all stripes.

  2. That's a funny (and creative) video. Thanks for posting lady red.