Saturday, July 2, 2016


I don't quite know what to make of this. It could be an Onion article.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -  What may be the country's first mobile gun storage unit will soon open in downtown St. Louis.
The truck, which will be parked at Paddy O's during Cardinals' games, is place where fans attending Cardinals' games can store their guns while they are inside Busch Stadium. Guns are not allowed inside the ballpark.
Police say many cars are broken into by suspects so they can steal guns.
In addition to guns, the truck will also store other valuables people do not want to leave inside their car.
My thoughts:

(1). The chance of me stashing my gun in that truck is nil.
(2).  The chance of me bringing jewelry or valuables anywhere near Busch Stadium is zero.

Will baseball fans really turn over their weapons to this guy?  Honestly, I'll be amazed if someone doesn't carjack the thing, full of guns and loot. The St. Louis area is not exactly known for law and order.

Weird stuff.


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  2. LOL! This has to be the Onion, right?? That's just...

    Anybody who falls for it deserves what they get.