Saturday, July 2, 2016

Today's Sermon

Brought to you by Pastor Erick Erickson. Listen to your betters, lest the fire consume you!  And the lions eat you!
You describe yourself as an evangelical and you have latched on to Donald Trump. You are convinced that you can guide and shape Donald Trump’s views. Days have gone by since the Supreme Court effectively ordered a pro-life pharmacist to violate his conscience. More days have gone by since the Court’s abortion decision related to Texas. On both Trump has stayed silent. But you are justifying that silence because Trump is relying on a statement from and other evangelicals as if you are speaking for him.
To get to this point, you have rationalized in your mind that you are Daniel. That makes Trump either Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus. But he is neither and you are not Daniel. You have twisted the Bible to comfort yourself for selling your soul. You are an idol worshipper.
Read the whole thing HERE. Really, you must read this. What an ass.

And always remember, never forget, that YOU are not Daniel. Got it?


  1. What in the Sam Hill is he blathering about now? Somebody gave him a serious wedgey, that's for sure. I must have missed it. Franklin Graham maybe?

    And yes, I'm giggling at the image of Reverend Graham literally yanking Erick's tighty whities up to his shoulder blades.

    I'm bad. :))

  2. You are using your position in the evangelical community to claim him both godly and God’s chosen candidate.

    I actually can't disagree with him there...

    This is a big deal in the evangelical community. It's one thing to prefer one candidate over the other and to be able to lay out a case for it, but I've seen an awful lot of people doing to Trump what people did to Obama - projecting onto him what they want to see. Some of it is reasonable, much is not. Many are really uncomfortable with his history and character. Personally, I'm really uncomfortable with the "Trump our Savior" rhetoric I hear thrown around by people who I think ought to know better. I find the attempted deification of a very flawed man to be off putting; it's really unfair to him, and I think that the people who put him on that pedestal are in for huge disappointments if/when he is elected. It's like many evangelicals can't bring themselves to vote for someone with his history, so they try to rationalize it away and make him into something he's not. I think my baby sister actually said it best - this election really boils down to socialist vs. capitalist, not Repub vs. Dem or Godly vs. Ungodly, God's Chosen vs, The Anti-Christ. We're not voting for Pope, and I wish evangelicals would take Trump for who he is and not try to turn him into some kind of saint.

    But the lions? Yeah - that's a little OTT :-)

    1. I was unaware that this was a big thing! Thanks for getting me up to speed Lyana. I live in evangelical-land and haven't heard anything like this. I guess I need to get out more.

      I wonder if Erickson also objected so spectacularly to the Mormons holding Cruz up as the Second Coming?

      Trump as a saint is a huge stretch. How could anyone think so? That kind of stuff is creepy, but so is Erickson's response, IMHO.

    2. Oh, I agree - heebie jeebies all around! The Ted Cruz thing... yikes! Not at all comfortable with him either - and nothing I can totally put my finger one either. It's totally a visceral response for me; he just has a punchable face, and I just feel slimey looking at him. I'd be the first to admit it feel irrational, but I've learned to trust my gut on things like that.

      By the by... The other side of evangelical response I see in friend's feeds/conversations is Trump=Devil. "But but but he makes his money off of strip clubs, has been divorced twice, had affairs, hates women, immigrants, poor, minorities, uses people... How could anyone who claims to be a Christian vote for him?!?"

      Oy! Such a mess...

    3. My "eyeroll of the day" on FB was a couple of my relatives wringing their hands about how they MUST vote for Hillary...because Trump! Eeek!

      The funny part is that these are people who have always voted straight party ticket. They would vote for a pile of dog turds if there was a "D" beside its name on the ballot.

      I don't know who they think they're kidding. If it wouldn't start a family brouhaha I'd call them on their BS.

      /polishing my halo