Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Now The Real Work Begins

I thought this speech by Junior was outstanding in content and in delivery. I know that not everyone likes DJT, but now that he is officially our candidate, will you vote for him?


  1. Florrie, are you watching the convention? I haven't been able to see any of it, and would love your analysis and opinion (as well as that of anyone else who is following the events in Cleveland). :)

    Lewy, I'm missing you little brother. Sending good vibes your way.

  2. So far during the convention, it's been firmly established that Hillary is a liar, criminal, liar, accessory to murder, liar and unfit for any office.

    Now it is time to stop beating that dead nag and start putting out positive ideas about how to fix the horrendous mess that 0bama has left (talk about inheriting problems).

    No more simplistic sycophancy from all the speakers, tell us how you are going to accomplish the things you say you hope to do.

    A convention should end on an uplifting note, telling your voters (and may be voters) good reasons to vote for you, not merely reasons to vote against your opponent.

  3. Well, I can't vote in the US election being British/Canadian eh. Although, wait a minute, if I promised to vote for the Hill I probably could LOL.

    Watched the Donald's speech tonight and there were a few things I don't believe in/condone, I would (if I had a vote) cast it for him.

  4. Fay, tell them you'll vote Clinton. You'll probably get a free weekend in Seattle and you can vote for the Don in secret!

    1. Could I get a free weekend in Hawaii instead, LOL.