Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Young Yoof

The future of Great Britain is secure.  Here is the proof; articulate, well spoken, well versed, reasoned, and logical, all wrapped up in the loveliness that is "Holly."

Next British referendum suggestion:  Should we bring back National Service?  (Hell yes).


  1. Hahahahahaha, she's holding a "Socialist Worker" sign. Oh my gawd, she is effing clueless.

  2. "It's a good country and they want to live here, and change it into the third world shit hole they came from."

    Anything that works for the young youfs who are united together.

  3. What the eff is on her head? She's calling Johnson a joke?

    And no, special little snowflake, no one wants to pay you for traveling and blogging, or for being a "student". I shudder to think how badly life is going to knock you off your pins. It's painful to contemplate, really, the upcoming bitch-slap of reality. Like a freight train barreling down the track. A big effing freight train, with your name writ large on the front grill. Toot toot.

    Good luck kid. Check back with us in ten years when your brain has matured.

  4. I looked at the title and thought "Young Yoof" hmmm. But the video explained it all! In British ebonics, no less!

    At least she has good teef. To be honest, when I was 19, I knew about as much as Holly does about politics. Maybe less. No, she doesn't have a clue but neither do millions of millennials who just want free stuff. And the libs are glad to promise it to them in return for their vote. So the cycle goes on. Sad!

    What is National Service, Fay?

    1. "What is National Service, Fay?"

      Basically, peacetime conscription. It was for all males aged 18 (I think) and their service lasted for 2 years. It was phased out in the late 50's early 60's. They should bring it back for males and females to teach these freeloading snow flakes that they ain't that special and that they have to WORK to get the things they want.

    2. That's what I suspected, Fay, but I just wasn't sure.
      Fanks :-)

    3. The British equivalent of the Trump protestors, although not those who are paid, based partially on fighting skills.

      This is what left-wing operated school systems have created on both sides of the pond. Their "critical thinking" consists of remembering ways to denigrate whet their forefathers (and foremothers) have built up over generations.