Monday, June 27, 2016

Intrigue or Cowardice?

What the hell is the beef that the Mormons have with Donald Trump? This is getting ridiculous.  Mia Love is forsaking the GOP convention?
Rep. Mia Love has decided to skip the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, giving up her delegate slot to focus on her re-election bid and to go on a congressional trip to Israel.
She saw no benefit in attending the gathering where Donald Trump is expected to claim the party's presidential nomination.
"I don't see any upsides to it," Love said Friday. "I don't see how this benefits the state."
She's the only member of Utah's 40-person delegation to back out of the convention, though others are considering it, largely over opposition to Trump.
Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox previously said: "I have not been supportive of Mr. Trump, and I'm not really excited to go back to a convention that's centered around him. ... There's a chance I don't go."
Running away isn't helping, it's just cowardly. Or do the Mormons have their own sneaky little plan afoot? Stay tuned, and don't touch that dial.


  1. lol - don't you dare go all conspiracy theory on us. :-P

    But it does seem really weird. I know lots of conservatives who really dislike Trump, but Hillary is just such a HORRIBLE candidate that they will vote for him. But would they ditch a convention? I don't know. I would think they should go, just to have the possibility of say in shaping things for the future. But if you feel like things are already rigged...

    /puts on tinfoil, just in case

  2. Umm..

    /quietly taking off tinfoil hat and slinking behind the couch...


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    1. Geez, we need to do some housecleaning around here. I've been working a bit on the sidebar. Our contributors list is a bit outdated. To say the least.

      Like me. Hahaha!!! :P

      I promise I won't mess wit da codez, vikram darling. At least, not much.

    2. Actually, the hotmail address is still active. Sure - pass on the info. Not sure how often I'll post, but it would be fun to have a place to put things I find interesting from time to time. :-)

      And lol at the graphics - have fun with the cleaning!

    3. Invitation sent! :)

      /doing the happy dance

  4. imgw:""

    1. Hey, look who I found! Right Wing Conspirator! THERE you are!