Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I Am An Ignorant Low Information Bastard

That's good to know. Thanks Larry. Love ya too. From Larry Correia's facebook page and posted without further comment.

Well, we're boned. It's going to be huckster fraud democrat against lying criminal democrat.
Half the GOP hates the jackass. Question now is what percentage of us stay home or make a 3rd party protest vote. All those crossover democrats who voted for that orange half wit in the primaries will go back to voting democrat in the general election. He thinks young Bernie voters are going to vote for him? Fool.
I've voted republican in every election of my adult life. I've volunteered and donated money. I can't in good conscience vote for this vile populist demagogue. If even a few percentage points of the GOP feels the same way, that's it. He's toast in the general.
So he energizes the democrats, so they'll feel like they are fighting tyranny (now comes the great part where all the fawning media coverage turns on him) and he demotivates the republican base.
All the kid glove BS from this season is over. Every vile nasty stupid thing he has ever done will be covered 24/7. By November he will be the most laughed at and despised candidate in history. Because he makes it too easy.
So the classless boor probably loses to the sea hag. Not that it matters too much, since they'd both govern as authoritarian democrats, only one has more nationalist rah rah thrown in.
Spare me the nonsense about lesser evils and SCOTUS judges. He won't make it that far. And by some miracle, like Hillary has a stroke, this rambling ignoramus wins, he would still screw that up somehow in his one term. Big question is does he suck enough to take the GOP with him?
And if you think he is going to actually build a wall, you are a sucker.
Did I love Cruz? No. Because I was hiring an employee, not a god. He was the least likely to rape the Constitution. Instead we get an authoritarian, who is either lying, or made it to 70 before understanding basic American principles about liberty.
You ignorant low information bastards. Motivated by fear and anger, you overlooked every gain made over the last few cycles, and traded it in to a lying huckster democrat for some magic beans. So you could stick it to the establishment, by electing the shit bird who funded them.
Edit to add, don't bother posting to argue. We are past that. Now we batten down the hatches and get ready for the suck. If you want to gloat, you are an idiot who doesn't realize what you have wrought. If you feel disrespected, good. You should.


  1. Yyyep. Hates a good chunk of America more than he fears a Clinton presidency. Good to know.

    He's not wrong about Trump per se, in my opinion. I don't see how he wins, and if he does, it's not a victory for Constitutional, limited government. That quant notion is apparently dead.

    Correia is mad about that. So am I.

    But it turns out that doesn't seem to be as important to the voters as I want it to be. Or as devoted to free market principles as I want them to be.

    It also seems that those voters aren't as pious as Glenn Beck wants them to be. Or as "truly conservative" as Mark Levin wants them to be.

    Actually the only difference between me and the disappointed faithful is that they have the emotional maturity of a thirteen year old, and I've moved on.

    The voters might not be who I want them to be but I recognize that the Trump voters have felt, and been, completely fucked for years. Everybody who matters in both parties has basically declared them fair game, open season.

    If it's going to get tribal, and it looks like it is, well, the hatred of smug snobs like Correia makes me sick.

    Yeah, argument time is over. Hope that works out. The Trump supporters will kindly refrain from arguing policy with my because reasons. Emotionally, I'm with you.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts lewy.

      There is no one running who can return us to Constitutional, limited gov't. Like you said, that notion is dead. For now.

      I think many see Trump as a "fuck you" to the very people who have been fucking THEM for many years. Our factories and manufacturing plants have cobwebs. Coal plants are being mothballed. There are not enough jobs. Prices rise. Wages are stagnant, and have been for years and years. Politicians talk a blue streak, we elect them, and they promptly become corrupted and sucked into the sewer. Our culture is being mauled by the mentally ill clowns of the far left, while the "right" belly-crawls after them like kicked dogs.

      Enough is enough. So, Trump.

      I see his faults. Christ, I'm not blind, nor am I stupid. However, he's the first politician in A LONG TIME to actually "see" a huge swath of the American populace. HE SEES US.

      For now, that is enough reason to back him. Who knows WTH he'll do once in office. I don't really care at this point. He can't be worse than the vile POS who sits in the Oval Office now. And he can't be worse than Hillary.

  2. People say how Lincoln was a great President.

    Look how he fucked the Constitution.

    People say how FDR was a great President.

    Look how he fucked the Constitution.

    Yes, Trump won't make it past the early primaries. You mean, he did?

    Well Trump will loose to Hillary. Just look how Trump lost Indiana to Cruz. Oh wait, that didn't happen either.

    You can take almost anyone, no matter how revered, and you can make that person look absolutely awful. I am sure you have seen how terrible Mother Teresa was.

    As I have said many times before, if the Republican elite went after Obama one-tenth as hard as they are going after Trump, Trump would not be a factor in the upcoming election at all.

    Who are the Republican elite? They are the ones that STILL did not send a budget to the President's desk. If Obama had rejected it, I could accept that (providing they tried again to pass a budget). But that is not what happened. We still don't have a budget, and now we don't even have a debt ceiling. And I am supposed to listen to those people tell me how evil Donald Trump is?

    If they had even a Barbie-sized thimble full of credibility I might listen. At this point, however, I can't help but see that their only worry is that their personal gravy train is about to stop.

    1. I'm with you Matt. I don't listen to them anymore either. There have been some real surprises for me from pundits I once admired. No longer.

  3. Replies
    1. He's a sci-fi writer. If you click on his name at the top of the post it takes you to his wiki page. I saw his ugly comment on facebook, because one of my facebook friends (someone we all know) "liked" the comment. I was gobsmacked.

    2. Thanks lr. Can't be bothered to click. Hate what he wrote. I saw that "like" on FB as well. It shocked me too.

  4. Replies
    1. Oh FFS. Really, Trump??? REALLY?

    2. Are you shocked, lady red? Really?

    3. Not shocked. Exasperated.

      He's been beating Cruz over the head with this G/S stuff, and now...he could have at least waited for the dust to settle. But no. SSDD.

  5. Wow, even Rick Perry has rolled belly-up at Trump's feet, wagging his Texas hounddog tail as fast as he can. Thump thump thump. Pick me! Pick me!

    I'm curious how Trump will reel-in Paul "Mr. Smug" Ryan. He has a meeting with him next week. I'd love to be a fly on the wall, wouldn't you?

    I hope he picks Ryan up by his lapels and shakes the crap out of him. "Shape up or ship out, ya little weasel!" Hah!

    1. Ryan is shrewd. He has his agenda and he has his cards to play.

      There will be a negotiation. If Ryan doesn't signal that he's willing to walk, there can be no true negotiation.

      This is an important point which Trump himself has articulated many times in the past.

    2. But what does Ryan have to walk away with? The distain of a large number of Amercans?

    3. That horse is out of the barn, Matt. They will disdain him regardless. That, and the fact that big chunks of the population freely exhibit contempt for each other anyway. It's all power and war now.