Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Conservative Media Meltdown

Wherein David Cole loads a Mac-9 magazine into his keyboard and shoots everybody.
"...I told him, “The alt-right is basically made up of people who are willing to say the kind of things about blacks and Hispanics that you’ll only allow said about Muslims.” 

Oof. And more:

The Trump candidacy has (in my opinion accidentally) led to a permanent end to that détente. Fragmentation, hostility, and side-taking will continue until the Trump coronation or the Trump Waterloo, and there’ll be no returning to normal afterward. Someone at National Review might, at some point in the future, say, “Sorry for that whole ‘white working-class communities deserve to die’ thing,” and someone at Breitbart might say, “Sorry we were kinda acting like paid shills for Trump.” But it won’t matter. Alt-rightists are tired of being relegated to the part of the bus they believe should be reserved for blacks. And with people like Yiannopoulos at Breitbart essentially saying “Let them move up to the front,” and people like Kevin Williamson at National Review basically saying, “Kick them to the gutter and run ’em over,” a rift has been formed that will not and cannot be healed by compromise.
Cole concludes:
Even Andrew Breitbart himself would not be able to set things right at this point. And frankly, it’s probably for the best that he didn’t live to see the demise of his noble dream of a vibrant and unified right-leaning “new media” composed of people who, despite their differences, are single-mindedly focused on battling the left rather than each other.
All the fist-swinging and eye-gouging being played out by (what we thought was) the mainstream right has most of America looking at them with open-mouthed disbelief.  The sillier and stupider they act, the more people turn away in embarrassment.  Credibility, meet toilet.  *flush*  

Is the alt-right really "alt"?  Or are they the same tea-party voters sitting in the same chair,  drinking the same beer, wondering when the conservative media abandoned ship? 

Things to ponder, my friends. Things to ponder.


  1. Not clip. Magazine. I think you mean magazine. Amirite?

  2. David Cole sounds like a Justin Raimondo type ranting about "neo-cons".

    What he wrote about them was complete bullshit. I can believe him or my lying eyes as I was reading (and writing some of) those "neocon" blogs for years.

    His whole point of view is a dumpster fire of stupidity, a seamless Noam Chomsky / George Wallace mashup.

    Blame America first, Muslims are a great civilization which is misunderstood, we have no business keeping a standing army, and never get outni***red and hey fuck the Jews they only care about Israel. Yeah. Awesome.

    Back the truck over fuckers like Cole. Done with it. He can choke on horse cock along with Chomsky.

    1. Hey, what he wrote about EVERYONE is complete bullshit. He and his ilk aren't part of the problem; they ARE the problem. Let him keep writing. He's toast.

      Oh, and you're a racist. Hah! :P

  3. Dagonet ‏@TheQuestForever 23m23 minutes ago

    So funny listening to Republicans cry about not feeling like Trump represents them. Now they know how the rest of us felt about Mitt Romney.

    Amen, preach it sister!