Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Clinton v. Trump

Barring Cankles being indicted or The Donald's heart stopping:

Now what? Will the conservatives get on board with Trump, or will they burn it down? Inquiring minds want to know.

I couldn't resist this last pic!


  1. I've been reading that Cruz is mathematically eliminated. I'm curious to see if he'll endorse Trump before Indiana. I'd certainly like to see a cohesive front against The Hag and her flying monkeys.

  2. They will burn it down. And Trump may be the nominee but he will not win the general.

    1. I have faith that Trump can bring in enough support to win the general, especially since he has union backing. I would venture to guess that he'll be offering the naysayers plum positions in his administration.

      BUT, if we lose the general election once again (no matter who our candidate turns out to be), it will ignite a shitstorm. A BIG shitstorm. God help us all if that happens.

      Plant food. Buy ammo.

  3. I think it possible that the people who say Trump won't win the general are the people who don't want Trump to win the general: it is all part of a propaganda campaign to keep power in the hands of our moral superiors. Trump is eating them up and spitting them out; everyone else who seems to do well only appear that way because of manipulation of the process.

    Trump losing is just like coalition forces being nowhere near the Bagdad airport.

  4. Today's openly, proud America First speech by Trump was a game-changer, and it's no accident it was delivered in the heart of enemy territory, Washington D.C.

    We are no longer seeing conservative vs liberal.

    We are now seeing nationalists vs globalists.

    Living and working among the globalists, as I do, I know them very well. They are empty suits. They are the real know-nothings. They are massive losers.

    They will be easy to defeat, very easy. And it will happen.

    Just not by the ballot box.

    1. What Jourdan said - that last sentence.

      I think Trump could get the votes, I just don't think he'll win the election - won't be permitted to win the election.

    2. Now that is another question altogether. If they want a revolutions, they certainly can bring it about.

    3. Katy bar the door. If "they" don't allow a free and honest election there will be an eruption and disruption that will be monumental.

      Millions of people have been quietly preparing. Millions.

    4. Sadly, in my view Trump represents such a grave threat to the rich and powerful elite who run this "county" that they will stop at nothing to stop him, including having him killed. I suspect the M.O. will be like that used to kill the threat Pim Fortuyn posed in Holland. Whose killer is already out of jail, btw. He lives in a big house in Rotterdam, gifted by "benefactors."

      Nothing so see here...