Thursday, April 28, 2016

A New Direction

Here is the foreign policy speech that Jourdan mentioned.

Comments? Criticisms?


  1. It is yet another strong indicator of just how out of power average European-Americans are in their own country that this speech is thought controversial.

    Of course the U.S. Government should put America First and Americans first. That's what it is for.

    Of course, those in power or who have paid well for access to power on behalf of foreign people and their troublesome causes are spitting mad.

    The German government has denounced it; that they may have to pay for their own defense and have boys named Deiter and Gunter actually die in military operations! EVERYONE KNOWS that is what redneck hillbillies in the American South are for!

    The Chinese government has denounced it. Sure, no doubt their are quite afraid the party is over, both literally and figuratively. They make NOTHING, not one thing, we cannot make here. Any real American doesn't give a damn about 3 dollars off on t-shirts.

    The conservative establishment has denounced it. "Western values are universal values!" they say. No, they are not. And if they think they are, why aren't they and their sons in Iraq and Afghanistan right now?

    Trump's candidacy has shined a big, bright spot light on the people here and overseas who have been living fat and happy on the backs of my people for too long, from the corrupt, amazingly rich Mexican elite, to the corrupt EU elite, to Asian freeloaders relying on the U.S. Navy to keep them from killing each other at sea.

    Everyone knows the U.S. Government is supposed to LOSE at negotiations. THAT'S WHAT WE DO! THAT'S WHO WE ARE!

    They cannot even imagine a USG that is willing to walk away saying "seeya wouldnt' want ta be ya".

    NAFTA needs to die. Mexico needs its cherished independence from los yanquis back. TPP is a dead letter.

    China needs a reminder of the real world. Europe needs to deal with a large bill or field its own army. Korea as well.

    We need to get OUT of the middle east and endless wars between people who have hated each other for centuries before there even was a United States.

    This speech is basic, Washington Farewell Address, old fashioned Americanism.

    It may have come too late, and I suspect it has. But, damn, it's good to see that my people are not quite dead yet.

  2. The N.Y. Times today: Trump’s speech was full of “Paradoxes,” adding, “Calls to Fortify Military and to Use It Less.”

    How can anyone hope to help such obviously stupid people? It's refreshing to see Trump say right to their faces: "We have to look to new people because many of the old people frankly don’t know what they’re doing, even though they may look awfully good writing in the New York Times or being watched on television."


    I've worked with the people Trump is talking about: he is not exaggerating. They are, in fact, stupid. Revoltingly stupid. Just read that headline again and try not to let it hurt your head to much, imagine the mentality, the vapid emptiness, that produced it.

    These are the people who believe they have a right to rule mine.

  3. Interestingly, Speaker Gingrich appears to be leaving the GOP behind as well.

    Newt Gingrich ‏@newtgingrich Apr 27
    Elites have to attack Trump's foreign policy speech because he is challenging their core values and failures. To them it is dangerous ideas.
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    Newt Gingrich ‏@newtgingrich Apr 27
    This was a serious foreign policy speech by Trump. It is worth reading and thinking about. It will be ridiculed by Washington elites.
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    Newt Gingrich ‏@newtgingrich Apr 27
    Washington elites mock Trump for mispronouncing Tanzania. They don't get it. He said the most important word correctly: America. He gets it.

  4. It's only because I like you guys that I'm actually listening to it.

    Nothing against Trump, I never listen to any politicians say anything.

    For one thing, you get everything that matters from the spin - it doesn't matter what you think of what they said, it matters what everyone else thinks. This is the ultimate impact of a speech.

    For another thing, their lips are moving. ;)

    But I'm most of the way through this.

    Trump talks like he's talking to 8th graders. Which is appropriate, I suppose, given education levels in this country.