Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Battle Won In The Culture Wars

To the Rabid Puppies, Sad Puppies, Dread Ilk, and Vile Faceless Minions: well done lads. Well done indeed!

The "Best Related Work" section left me howling with laughter. And getting "My Little Pony" on the ballot is sheer brilliance! Comment from Al:
What is weird about all this as that in the entire spectrum of the culture wars a group of scifi nerds, fantasy geeks and video game enthusiasts are winning......they are actually taking ground back from the left and they aren't stopping for sh$t...these guys take scalps, burn their enemies bodies, and p!ss on their ashes and move on to the next target of total annihilation..they are unmerciful and brutal.........beautiful...many people on the right should take notice...this is a case study in winning and what winning is......something the right sorely needs to learn.... 

This is a brutal beating down of the nest of special little snowflakes that infest the sci-fi/fantasy genre. We've had enough of their sickness. Draw your swords mates...the war continues.


  1. I know that most of you are not sci-fi readers, but even so, these guys are fighting the good fight and taking no prisoners. They're doing the same with the gaming industry.

    This is how we turn things around; one battle will grow into many battles. Support your local nerds. They are the ones with the bloody swords and the snarl.

  2. The SJW sci-fi establishment, having last year nominated a bad porn/romance novel about dinosaur sex, so deserves having to stare at a book entitled SPACE RAPTOR BUTT INVASION up there on the honors list all Summer long.

    The sci-fi leftists really messed with the wrong guy when they kicked Vox Day out of their organization. Not only is he now beating them at their own game, his new Sci-Fi publishing house is gaining sales and attracting both new writers and established Sci-Fi icons, like Pournelle.