Monday, February 8, 2016

Character and Class

Ben Carson didn't hear his name called at the debate and was left hanging in the entryway. The other candidates walked right past him. Not Trump. He immediately sized up the situation and responded in the classiest way possible. He stood with Dr. Carson. Then he delayed his own entrance so Dr. Carson could accept the crowd applause.

Well done sir. VERY well done.


  1. Yes, that was a gracious move. In fairness, I think all these candidates are gentlemen and gracious. The whole brouhaha looked like a Marx Brothers skit. There was even someone from behind the curtain trying to wave Dr. Carson onto the stage.


  2. I think it was probably all accidental, but the people making the introductions waited until the applause died down before making the introduction for everyone except Carson -- noting that Carson was second, and the announcers may have realized their mistake after that. Why they did not repeat Carson's name once the applause died down is a good question.

    While Trump obviously does not suffer fools lightly, I would not be surprised if he is more gracious than most politicians.