Saturday, January 9, 2016

Steyn Does Trump...

With his usual aplomb and scathing wit.

The media like to play up the anti-Trump demonstrations, but even this works to his benefit, since they come almost exclusively from the leaden clich├ęs of college-debt social justice. For a six-year bachelor's degree in orientation studies, you'd think these fellows could work up something other than chants that were stale back when Pete Seeger was wondering where all the flowers went.

A bossy girl of vaguely sapphic mien led us all in a "Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!" chant, which is pretty funny on a street that's 99.99999999999 per cent white. If black lives matter that much, you'd think they could have bussed one in. 

Go read the whole thing.


  1. Read it earlier, he does a great job on it

  2. I read every word. What can I say? Steyn is brilliant. Proof:

    On the same day as Trump's speech, Peter Shumlin, the colorless dullard serving as Vermont's governor, came to the State House in Montpelier to deliver his "State of the State" address. He required two prompters so he could do the Obama swivel-head like a guy with good seats at Wimbledon following the world's slowest centre-court rally.

    I could read his writing on the dullest topics, this man knows how to put words together - and the best part is that as I read it I'm hearing his lovely voice.

    And he nailed it. Absolutely nailed it.

    I admit, I also loved it that Trump went to Vermont.

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    1. LOL florrie, that's hilarious :)

    2. Oh my gosh, I'm laughing so hard I'm snorting!!!

  4. I somehow missed this article, thanks for posting it florrie. It's very good, as always. I think he likes Trump! :)

  5. Oh, you're welcome! Except I can't take credit as Magic Fayre posted it :-)

    I think Mark likes him too, he's as sick of the endless stream of professional politicians as the rest of us are. Year after year, spouting the same empty rhetoric and promises while NOTHING HAPPENS. I think it's pathetic that I've arrived at the point of being grateful I'm at an age where I won't be around to witness the final dagger to the heart of our beloved country.