Friday, January 8, 2016

Mark Steyn vs Everybody

Steyn's statement before a congressional committee investigating how he DARES to doubt Climate Change;
Beaten With The Hockey Stick

Spoiler alert:

No matter the decision of the committee, Mark won this with humor, snark, intelligence and a level of sarcasm about three feet over the heads of the tallest congressmen


  1. OK, it is a PDf, so you will have to open or save when it asks

  2. I will try once more. Here are 3 links to videos of Mark's and Dr. Judith Curry's testimony before the committee. I enjoy watching Mark, call me sexist ;-)




    The last link is the full testimony. That senator Markey is a bleeding eejit, he gets nearly unhinged.

  3. I'll read the testimony later when I have more time. Thanks for posting this article DWT! I read it the other day. It's impossible to have too much Steyn at The Table...I wonder if we should pull him up a chair? *swoon*