Monday, November 23, 2015

The Anatomy Of Denial

A short history of islam that is still more complete and correct than ream after ream of politically correct speeches and absurd taqqiyah writings from modern politicians, pundits and muslim apologists.

Here is a short sample:

"A good example of this bizarre historical ignorance is the demonic role assigned to the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement. An ISIS billboard in Iraq reads, “We are the ones who determine our borders, not Sykes-Picot.” In this false history borrowed from self-loathing Westerners, the imperialist French and English divided up the Ottoman Empire in an act of stealth colonialism. This history is false, and strangely diminishes the region’s Muslims, making them the mere passive pawns of external manipulators. But as Efraim Karsh points out in his indispensible new book The Tail Wags the Dog, the region’s leaders “have been active and enterprising free agents doggedly pursuing their national interests and swaying the region pretty much in their desired direction, often in disregard of great-power wishes.” The true history of the region shows that the disorder today has two main sources: the doctrines of Islam that keep the region mired in a premodern, tribal mentality; and the disastrous decision of the Ottoman sultan to join the Central powers in World War I, against the advice of the British, who wanted not colonies, but an Arab empire to replace the Ottomans’."


  1. I am so bored with the whole subject.

    After 9/11, the gatekeepers of American culture decided that they were more interested in collecting "good people" badges and condemning "Islamophobia" than they were in, y'know, actual Islam and the intrinsic political aspects thereof.

    Zombies are the boss of us. Do not argue with zombies.

    1. Agreed. No minds will be changed. We are beyond that.