Friday, November 6, 2015

And In This Corner...


I haven't read the book, but I enjoyed O'Reilly's other "Killing" books. It seems to me that Fox News is imploding; Kelly has lost some of her fan base after cuck-cuck-cucking all over the place, and Shep (bless his heart) needs to be put on the porch with a cocktail. George Will's  opinion has been disregarded for ages, and O'Reilly is, well, getting stale. Or is stale. Or was stale years ago.


  1. Bill O'Reilly is a sanctimonious prick.

    "We don't talk to people with skin in the game."

    1) Who the f**k is "we", kimosabe?

    2) Who the f**k are you s'posed to talk to if not the people who were there, dealing with the situation?

    George Will is right, O'Reilly is doing the work of the left. He's just a troll who wants to sell books.

    Honestly I'd much, much rather read a Bob Woodward book than a Bill O'Reilly book.

  2. I agree with your assessment too lewy. I was being charitable when I called him stale; he IS a sanctimonious prick, and he also has an anger management problem. I can't imagine being married to, or working for, someone who gets THAT angry. Yikes.

    I highly suspect that 99.99% of O'Reilly's books are researched and written by Dugard, don't you guys? I may pass on the Reagan sounds like it'll ramp up my blood pressure 20 or 30 points, and who needs that? But then again, my curiosity may get the best of know me, I read EVERYTHING. :))

    It's only a matter of time until The Factor is booted from the Fox lineup. The fat lady is humming. I vote to move Greg Gutfeld's show into that slot. He's great!