Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Anne posted this heartbreaking and horrific story on Legal Insurrection.
11 year-old Ayala Shapira was travelling in the car with her father Avner late at night on her way home from a class for gifted children to their home in the settlement of Maale Shomron in Samaria. 
A firebomb thrown by two Palestinians hiding at the side of the road not only hit the car, but smashed through the window and landed directly on Ayala, causing her to catch fire. Her father stopped the car and Ayala had the presence of mind to throw herself on the ground and roll on the floor to put out the flames. They were in a deserted spot about a kilometer from their home and help was slow in coming so Avner picked Ayala up in his arms and carried her home to wait for the emergency services.
You may need a few tissues.


  1. The photo of Ayala at Noa’s batmitzvah brought me to my knees. This precious little girl has my heart.

  2. Thank goodness that Legal Insurrection and other blogs like annie's (and ours) are posting it. Unlike the past when just the "alphabet" media could bring a story to the public's attention, the internet is the way it's done now.
    I hope people are reading and understanding that it's one group responsible for these crimes against humanity - which they commit again and again. Wake up.

  3. Thank you Lady Red for reposting my post. As florrie says, it's so important to get our side and our story out there.

    It was actually Prof. Jacobson's idea. I don't know if you've been following the news but over the weekend there were 2 horrific murders in Israel. In the first, an ultra-Orthodox man attacked the Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem and killed a 16 year old girl, and stabbed 5 others. the girl was just a bystander, not even a participant. The man is a psychopath. He did the exact same thing exactly 10 years ago, and only just got out of prison 3 weeks ago! the police totally screwed up on this one, releasing him without oversight, without an electronic tracker or an injunction keeping him out of Jerusalem etc. But we can at least comfort ourselves that he's the same guy, i.e. there aren't a bunch of ultra-Orthodox crazies going around stabbing people.

    The 2nd murder was much much worse. Unknown infiltrators entered the Arab town of Duma and set fire to 2 houses. One was empty but the other had a family, and a 1 yr old baby was burned to death.

    You can imagine the outrage and near-hysteria both amongst the Palestinians and the Israelis who are practically flagellating themselves to death. It is assumed the arsonists are Jews because Hebrew graffiti saying "revenge" was scrawled on the walls of the burnt house.

    However no suspects have been caught and the police have admitted they don't have a clue. Literally. Nevertheless they've made a big show of cracking down and arresting Jewish "extremists". There are rumours it was an Arab false flag op but who knows. We have our crazies too. You can read about the stories on my own blog.

    But the right are getting extremely frustrated that they are being collectively blamed for the act of one or two crazies; the piling-on by the left has been unbelievable. I know that you guys know exactly what I mean and what it feels like.

    Anyway, Prof J. tweeted a reminder about Ayala, and that there weren't UN resolutions or collective outrage by the Palestinians, and I retweeted him. So he asked me if I'd write about her attack. And since she's a friend of my granddaughter this has become personal. Also, the road where she was attacked is the road in and out of my daughter's town, and which they travel every day and I go on every week or 2.

    She is such a brave girl and the family are amazing. They have a facebook page called All4Ayala where they have updates in Hebrew and usually in English too. The last update was good news: Ayala has been released from rehab though she still has to go back 2-3 times a week for treatment.

    I posted that picture of her in her mask from my granddaughter's batmitzvah because she looks so horrific. My baby grandson burst into hysterical screams when he saw her. She took her mask off at one point and while the burns don't look too bad, more like a severe sunburn, her face is bloated and distorted. I feel so sorry for her.

    Her friends are amazing, visiting her, keeping her up to date with school, inviting her to every batmitzvah, and during the dancing, keeping her company while she stands on the edge of the circle.

  4. To get an idea of how the right are feeling (in case your imagination fails you), read Paula Stern (aka an Israeli Soldier's Mother) at the Times of Israel: "I am disgusted".

    See this news article about the latest firebombing of an Israeli car. No outrage, no commentary, no reaction, even in Israel you hardly hear a voice, certainly not from the left.

  5. Good News:

    Most glad to share the good news with all of you:
    .Ayala was discharged from hospital, Today
    Treatment at the hospital shall continue, just two days a week, so
    she shall be able to go back to school September 1st

    Thank G-d! A true miracle.

    (This is me, annie, too lazy to log in to my google account) :)

    1. Wonderful news Annie! It is a true miracle!