Friday, July 3, 2015

Spain's New Gag Law

Wow. Just wow.
The countdown has ended. The government’s new Citizen Safety Law went into effect on Wednesday despite widespread rejection from opposition parties and many sections of society.
“Demonstrations will be freer because they will be protected from violent elements,” claims the ruling Popular Party (PP).
But the opposition accuses the government of creating “a police state” because law enforcement officers will have the power to hand out administrative sanctions that were, until now, the sole preserve of judges.
The following are five things that will be limited by the new “gag law,” as its critics call it.


  1. How sad for Spain and her people.

    Franco, on the other hand, would be delighted.

    1. Spain is afraid of the Marxists coming to power as they have in Greece.

      Honestly if I had to choose sides in the Spanish civil war... damn that's a hard one...

  2. What Spain? The Oregon agency that fined that bakery $135,000 has now issued them a cease and desist order from voicing their objections about the case.

    Since when has a government agency, a non-elected, non-judicial government agency had that kind of power? If the Constitution means anything then people had better start making themselves heard. I hope that the left who has constantly shat on police and the military aren't expecting them to help them out. I suppose they could always use the NBP, who will probably learn quickly that they are nothing but two-bit punks who will get their clocks cleaned.