Monday, December 1, 2014

Not Working...Survival Tips For Democrats

This article is so spot on that it's stunning in its simplicity. I don't always agree with Glenn Reynolds, but he nails it this time.
Working class white people don't like President Obama much. According to the latest Gallup Poll, only 27% approve of him. That's 21 percentage points down since he took office in 2009.
A standard talking-point is that these voters don't like Obama because they're racist. But that assumes that the key word in "white working class" is "white." In fact, the key word is "working." After all, Obama isn't any blacker than he was in 2009.
A few Democratic pundits seem to get this. Writing in Mother Jones, Kevin Drum observes: "So who does the WWC take out its anger on? Largely, the answer is the poor. In particular, the undeserving poor. Liberals may hate this distinction, but it doesn't matter if we hate it. Lots of ordinary people make this distinction as a matter of simple common sense, and the WWC makes it more than any. That's because they're closer to it. For them, the poor aren't merely a set of statistics or a cause to be championed. They're the folks next door who don't do a lick of work but somehow keep getting government checks paid for by their tax dollars. "
Read it all. You'll be glad you did!


  1. Behaviour that gets rewarded increases; behaviour that gets punished decreases.

    What a concept.

  2. Yep - The Dems, and 0bama have created more and more dependent people over the last decades, then wonder why that those of us who actually pay the bills resent them

  3. Another interesting article about the Dems problems with people who actually work, rather than vote, for a living:

    1. The "Working Families" party is actually the party of the dependent loner moochers. Positively Orwellian.

  4. I guess the problem with a "divide an conquer" mentality is that when you divide people, you can't keep them all happy at the same time.