Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Misuri Llama a la Reserva Militar Para Restablecer el Orden

Again and again and again, we Americans have to endure these events, these awful, predictable, shameful and profoundly depressing events.  As I watch from overseas, connected as I am, I am yet again grateful that fate has allowed me to pursue a career away from my beloved home. I can't take watching this pitiful spectacle that American civic and political life has become. It has become actually, physically painful to me, in addition to mentally painful; and, so, I absent myself from it and continue to do what I can.

I remember all too well watching my home town burn and people die while the LAPD retreated to a safe perimeter. I remember as well watching from my apartment window in Berkeley as a rabid gang of Black looters beat two European-American young men, with Berkeley PD standing in a line 50 yards away and doing nothing.  I remember working in the Pacific Northwest, watching on TV when a gang of Black men began sexually molesting a young European-American girl at the Mardi Gras celebration in Seattle and beat to death a 15-year old European-American boy, stomping his head repeatedly against the pavement, in full view of two Seattle PD officers standing right there.  Their police chief at that time went on to work for the White House. In each case, the pattern is the same: a dysfunctional and broken community comes into daily contact with police, eventually, a member of that community is shot and killed, there is a riot, and the authorities tell the police to back off, to not create more problems, to let the riot anger burn itself out.

And, every time, every time, the same "speak truth to power" journalists and commentators act as if this is something new, something unexpected.  Why, they just pulled out of Ferguson!  The whole business community is up in arms, their property and stores looted!  Why, this is unheard of, this is news!

No, it's not.  It is America.  It is what we have become under this monstrous Liberal Revolution that took and people and a country and turned it into souless, pitiless, lock-step nightmare.

I look at "Misuri" and I see three things.

I see a broken Black community yet again holding up a small-time thug as a symbol of their oppression, taking no responsibility, taking no actions to correct the horror that their lives have become since their contribution to the victory of the Liberal Revolution. The plaintiff's attorney is already there. Eventually, when the prospect of easy money comes to the fore, a father will be found. Pathetic, disturbing, beyond hope.

I see a ridiculously over-militarized police force, using military weapons, using military jargons, an occupation force and not the police of a free people.  Because, we are no longer a people, we are no longer unified, crime and insecurity is no longer a rare event.  In the spare armoured cars and M-4s, donated to increase local police forces anti-terrorism capabilities, I see the endless militariziation of the liberal state. Self-satisfied, with their Oakley shades and the strut of men who have come to learn that whatever steps out of line must simply be beaten.  Pathetic, disturbing, and, worse, my own people, degenerated.

I see a town that has been stripped of its soul, its bleak main street littered with horrible fast-food joints, the usual big-box stores, completely devoid of personality, soul, and an actual affront to the ideal of beauty and community.

America as broken record, skipping and repeating the same track, over and over.  Time to blow a hole in the radio.


  1. As I finished reading I got goosebumps.

    You describe the situation very well, Jourdan. I too am sickened by the same old, same old. I've already had more than enough of Ferguson. I'm not sure if Obama and Holder (as well as the FBI and military forensic experts that are also headed there), in their unheard-of involvement in a state matter, are trying to preempt the inevitable rioting/looting/violence when the police officer is either 1) found not guilty of charges that may be brought or 2) not indicted in the first place or if they are trying to influence the outcome of the investigation. I hope and pray it's the former.

    The parasite press need to leave the area.

  2. Bravo, Jourdan.

    I think we agree that there aren't two "sides" to this story; neither the black community nor the police have exactly covered themselves in glory in this episode.

    Mark Steyn wrote about the militarization of the police: So, when the police are dressed like combat troops, it's not a fashion faux pas, it's a fundamental misunderstanding of who they are.. Exactly.

    I ran across this by serendipity today - one of the best quotes from Battlestar Galactica:


    1. It is too bad he is entirely fictional, because Cmdr. Adama understands what most of USG, and apparently the Govt of Missouri, do not. It's additionally too bad in the sense that we could use a man like him. It's amazing that we have to dream such things, in a nation of close to 400 million people.

  3. All I can say about this issue is that 95% of the media has no clue. The "state" is pathetic. This "riot" in Ferguson has gone on for 10+ days....the 1967 "riot" in Detroit, much larger by far, lasted only 5+ days...the US Army squelched it within that time. WTF is going on in Ferguson?

    The way you enforce respect for the unformed law enforcement officers, civil or military, is to shoot down the first dozen or so of the violent protesters. Then do it again if necessary. Trust me...the rest will comply.

  4. Everything happening in Ferguson sickens me to the core. I'm angry that the press lied, again, painting a hulking black thug as a sweet young man on his way to college. What utter bullshit! I'm angry that Missouri's governor is a limp-wristed fool, devoid of any leadership qualities that may have deescalated the circus. The idiot can't even run his own press conference without the black militant whiners seizing control; I thought he would pee his pants in fear. And, of course, all the race-baiter$ have flocked to St. Louis like flies to shit. It's despicable.

    But even with all that hooey, the thing that really REALLY angers me is the militarization of the police. Sure, we all knew they were doing it. The feds have been giving the local yokels military surplus "toys" for years. Seeing the result of this policy makes my blood run hot.

    Get your tanks off our streets, and quit playing GI Joe. You, the police, are hired by us, the taxpayers, to protect and serve. Period. You are civilians. If the contrived "riots" get beyond your ability to control, the governor has the authority to call up the National Guard. I could go on and on. But I won't. What is left to be said?

    Great post Jourdan. Thank you.

    1. And yes. Blow a hole in the radio. Then buy more ammo. How long before the chronically unemployed mobs, unable to cope or participate in today's fast-paced world, unable to take advantage of our free school system to educate their spawn, unable to abide by even a token tidbit of civility, spill out from their own wrecked neighborhoods and into ours?

  5. That governor is a gutless, ball-less coward.

    A total scum kowtowing to the race baiters, looters and professional victims.

  6. I appreciate the comments, all. It's good to know--important to know--that whatever views or differences between us that we are still in a basic sense seeing the same thing. It lessens the sense of isolation and alienation, one I suspect many, many Americans are feeling these days.

    I wish I were younger/had more courage/wasn't responsible for children. I think I know how to fight this, how to get something started against it. I emphasize: think. I think I know what needs to be done and how to do it (and, no, it doesn't involve violence). I'm just no longer in a position to do what is necessary.

  7. Amazing how stories such as this go on. The first story was that a fine, upstanding young man was shot in the back while standing with his hands up.

    Then it turns out that the the "fine, upstanding young man" had stolen items from a store and assaulted the shop keeper. Then not one, but two autopsies showed he was not shot in the back and his hands were not raised. And the latest news is that the officer has an orbital fracture in his face.

    But it is still a war on blacks. How do "journalists" sleep at night; unless, of course, they have absolutely no interest in the truth -- which, as we bitter-clingers know, is the real truth.

  8. Meanwhile, the militarized police will be used on conservatives in a heartbeat if the government thought they could get away with it.

  9. I am far...far...less worried about militarized certified sworn police officers than I am the newly constituted bureaucrats in uniforms, with guns and military equipment, who are not what would normally be called certified police officers with full arrest powers anywhere in a given district. Bundy Ranch was a good example...and that was militarized wanna-be cops acting against a conservative. Take a look at the new structure of FEMA for another example...once a bunch of bean counters allocating funds, it is now damn near its own national force. \

    None of this is good for any of us. These newly armed wanna-be cops do not answer to any elected officials directly...they are multiple layers removed, quite unlike the Mayor of a town or Governor of a State and their local police.

    Part, a good deal more than I am willing to admit, perhaps, of my recent near melt down had to do with how our government has changed and just who is working there now with near zero integrity. It disgusts me, embarrasses me, and it is my fault, in part, because I obviously did not set a good enough example for the generations at all levels and ranks that followed me.

  10. Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department's top brass told FoxNews.com.

    “The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”


    Also, a woman in support of the police officer who showed up at the meeting between Holder and local leaders had to be "whisked away for her own safety".

  11. Good points, Airdog.

    Florrie: Truth, we don't need no stinking truth.

  12. Objective reality hardly matters in an ideological state. The five-year plan for the grain harvest has not only been fulfilled, it's been surpassed. The black kid shot by the policeman is evidence of white racism, guilt and will require a two-minute hate.

    1. Maybe your shortest, but most accurate description of the state of today. Sadly, I have to agree.

    2. On the other hand, mad skillz at World of Warcraft now goes on your resume!

      And by "resume" I mean LinkedIn profile.