Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Acceleration of the Decceleration

--  The decision to bring to the United States two missionaries infected with Ebola was emblematic of a political age where emotionalism and how things make one feel takes primary consideration over wider concerns of more import but less immediate emotional impact, such as public health.  Considering that the CDC in Atlanta had to close labs working on Anthrax and Influenza recently due to errors in handling (N.Y. Times, July 11:  “After potentially serious back-to-back laboratory accidents, federal health officials announced Friday that they had temporarily closed the flu and anthrax laboratories at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta and halted shipments of all infectious agents from the agency’s highest-security labs.”), this decision on Ebola borders on criminal.  It is yet another sign that we are ruled by an out-of-touch, half-educated and over-emotional elite.

--  While the world condemns Israel and the IDF for civilian casualties in Gaza, Islamist forces are butchering, beheading, crucifying and starving what little remains of the Christian community in central Iraq.  The U.S. has done nothing to protect this community, which has suffered immensely, now to the point of extinction, since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Until and unless strong, nationalist, European states come into existence again and pick up the duty to protect minority Christian communities around the world, this will continue.  The silence from Washington on this issue, and from the Vatican, is simply astounding.  That all this is done without press coverage or the mobilization of international organizations and governments is sharp, hard evidence that we live in a revolutionary, ideological age where Muslim victims help those in power while Christian victims are entirely unimportant.

--  A revolutionary state of affairs requires revolutionary action to correct.  In that sense, once again, Europe seems many times further along than the U.S. or Canada.  In France, Generation Identitaire has started a youth militia, who wear bright yellow coats, which patrols the Metro and public areas.  In Germany, new nationalist parties have broken from their past and have re-lauched with the aim of a Germany for Germans, full stop.  In Norway and Finland, new nationalist parties participate in politics at the highest level. Even Sweden is getting into the act, with the Swedish Democratic Party.  It doesn’t get much clearer than this:

-- The U.S. Government’s abject failure in Afghanistan (where we are negotiating with the Taliban, an enemy who attacked us and who we said we would destroy), in Iraq (where we are witnessing the dissolution of a Potemkin puppet government which is nothing more than Iran’s faction in the state), in Immigration (where over-heated rhetoric lead to an unprecedented flood of illegal immigrants, whom the Government clearly favors over native-born Americans), in the Economy (where wages continue to depress, thanks to a large reserve army of foreign labor), to its Space Program (where we are dependent on Russia for launches to outer space), to the exercise of its Police Power (where it has over-militarized processes and uses excessive force regularly), to the launch of a national health care program (where the ObamaCare law has been revealed to have an almost-certainly fatal flaw in how it was written and, as a practical matter, cannot manage the launching of Exchanges, the key component of the plan), to its disastrous Foreign Policy (making matters worse in Ukraine, creating unstable states like Kosovo and South Sudan completely dependent on the U.S. Treasury, to its continued failure to halt Iran’s nuclear program), to its investment in Crony Capitalism (where it has used public money to support the profits of private companies, thereby forevermore distorting the U.S. market economy with regard to the perception of risk), to its failure to control the Banking Industry (which now routinely engages in illegal practices, knowing that its profits are secured and enforcement will be merely in the form of fines, which are many times less expensive than the potential profits.), all adds up to not only justifying my position that the election of Barack Obama would accelerate a then slow-moving decine to the point where action will be taken to correct it, but to actively moving the USG in a direction where many citizens now feel that it is not even a representative body any longer.

-- Like the Soviet Union before it, the new ideological Government of the United States will continue to insist that all Five-Year Plans are proceeding with fabulous success right up until the moment it ceases to exist.  A government, which, it much be repeted is NOT the United States, nor the American people, but simply a government, the kind of institution which Thomas Jefferson warned us must be from time to time replaced.

-- "Every people may establish what form of government they please, and change it as they please, the will of the nation being the only thing essential." --Thomas Jefferson: Anas, 1792.


  1. European nationalists have one more shot at this - and it's happening now.

    The European Central Bank is slowly losing control of the peripheral bond markets (again). Spreads are widening across the Euro zone.

    The bond markets of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal were only holding together because Mario Draghi has claimed that he would take actions that he was not legally able to take - that he would do "whatever it takes" to save the Euro.

    For the last couple years, markets have believed him - it could be that now they will call his bluff.

    Perhaps the powers that be in Europe are welcoming the chance to deal with a crisis now, before the next round of European national elections. Nationalist gains will make the emergency actions that much harder to swallow.

    With full-on quantitative and comprehensive easing by the ECB, (a.k.a. printing money and handing it to broke nations), Europe will be a fiscal collective, run from Brussels.

    If the Euro does fall apart, then the nationalists have a chance. Otherwise not.

    Either way, the trade is short Euro/Dollar.

    And either way, it's their fight. My grandfather left Germany. I'm an American.

    1. Moar detail for anyone interested in the Euro crisis.

      Ben Hunt is among the most erudite and insightful financial commentators I know.

  2. Excellent writing, Jourdan. Our situation is depressing, isn't it? I tend to be a worrier as it is concerning medical issues but I also thought that with the several CDC recent failures that it was insane to bring the patients here. Especially since the treatment is pretty much just supportive care (I believe both have already rec'd the experimental drug, and it has helped?). I am not an uncaring person but honestly - weighing 2 people against 300 million? That should be a no-brainer, eh?

    Of course, flights come in from Africa every day so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before ebola finds its way here.

    As for your political points, I think you nailed them all.

    Thank you for the link, lewy. It helped me understand that crisis a little better.

    1. Not to scare everyone half to death, but here are good facts about the Ebola threat

      Plus, a cautionary note of what to expect this winter.

      I've been reading murmurings that this particular outbreak may be...manufactured, shall we say. The information that is being played out, bit by bit, to the general population is designed to prevent panic.

      Bringing Ebola to our shores is an act of deadly treason, IMHO, and may have catastrophic consequences. The CDC cannot be trusted to act with integrity or even common sense. Our health care system cannot withstand an Ebola outbreak folks, or even the hint of one.

    2. Yes, it's insane.

      For instance, the nurse that was brought here (who is worse off than the doctor) didn't even work with Ebola patients. From what I understand, she helped to decontaminate those who cared for the people infected with Ebola. So apparently their protocol was flawed/.

  3. Hey Jourdan - Instapundit linked the same video you embedded. It's viral!

  4. I wish there was more discussion about this topic, I'd like to hear what others think. As I mentioned earlier, I agree with all you said, Jourdan. I also think you - like many others at the Table - are a wonderful writer. But that tape creeped me out.

    1. Thanks Jourdan, this is an excellent post. I agree with florrie; the tape was creepy and put the hair up on the back of my neck. It's a fine line between political solutions and jackboots/horror.

      The deportation of immigrants who can't support themselves would be a great start to relieve Western tensions. Will it happen? Probably not. Unfortunately, that leaves less savory methods if the nationalists want to save Europe from being drowned by the hordes of barbarians.

    2. It's the German dude. Totally creepy. And I say this as someone whose mother was German, and who attempted to raise me bilingual (and sadly failed).

      Creepy - which is to say - it's a bias. This is what a German young person who is sick of the establishment sounds like. He has as much right to say it as we do - arguably more, because while the US is a nation of immigrants, Germany is not.

      So personally I'm trying to get over that "creepy" bias.

      That said: the larger issue is that a "Europe of Nations" has been tried before. If it were such a good idea, it would have persisted. In the 20th century it failed pretty spectacularly.

      Jourdan: how would these young nationalists prevent a replay of 1914, if not through a common market, a common currency, and some sort of Federal structure?

  5. Funny how we are conditioned to think that anything that advocates traditional Judeo/Chritian values is "creepy."

  6. Gosh, I hope I'm not conditioned like that, Matt. I love Judeo/Christian values. I just found something about the video creepy, not their sentiments.

    Maybe lewy hit on it. I know that I have some bias against German nationals (and my paternal grandmother was German).

    1. OK I just watched it again.

      Most of them I'm OK with.

      The chick is a little creepy. If she's gonna have that attitude she needs a leather corset and a whip. (No, I'm not sexist. Just a perv. There's a difference.)

      The German dude - omg. Can. Not. Handle. Black leather trench coat for him.

      In contrast, the French dude is awesome. I'm like yeah, right on!

      So yeah. Bias. It does color what we see and hear.

      One of the things I like about investment work is that it trains you to spot and transcend your biases. Biased investors fail (at least in the long run).

  7. A great post, and I agree with pretty much all of your comments.

    I'm watching nearly all international, and most national events, with a growing horror and despair.

    The tape was a little creepy. Not for it's content so much as its presentation, They could try doing it in color, with less scary music. It's almost as though the film was made by someone with a built in bias against the people it is presenting. The only fear I have about this is that it could devolve into Euro-anti-Semitism, to replace the muslim version that now infests Europe

    The only country that seems to have a real leader is Israel (WE certainly do not) and he therefore is excoriated throughout the civilizations that should be supporting his nation.

    Lady Red, I wonder about this Ebola outbreak, too. This is, by far, the very worst it has been, ever, and seems to be spreading despite all the normal protocols. You said it feels "manufactured". So do I. I wonder, somehow, if it has been "weaponized" by being made able to spread in an aerosol form.

    We have thousands of hardened, murderous MS-12 gang members being spread all over the country. These are not helpless children, despite government and media lies to the contrary. The Aztlan cretins are loving it on Twitter.

    1. Dances - so, good news - the site that you linked, "National Report", is a satire site.

      Also from the National Report: Buckingham Palace Faces New Scandal as Kate Gives Birth to Black Twins. This by corresponded Ian Paisley-Tie.

      It's true that in these times, satire is very difficult to distinguish from fact.

      And it may be true that Ebola will go aerosol.

      But your linked article is (fortunately) not evidence of this.

    2. Oh, thank GOD!!! I read the link before I read your comment lewy and I was starting to get palpitations!

    3. Well, I wish there had been some more easily detectable hints in this one, as the "BMS" and Ian Paisley-Tie in the black babies story

    4. You're right, Dances. I thought it was a totally legitimate article. With the Onion, you know your leg's being pulled. It's pretty irresponsible of them to write an article like this when there are already great fears about ebola.

  8. Jourdan - I'd be interested in your comments on Hungarian Prime Minister Orban.

    He makes a lot of good points, actually. Not sure that justifies what he's doing.

    The defense of "social liberalism", "free markets", etc, make for lucrative opportunities for graft and self interest.

    So does the defense of "the nation", "traditional society", etc.

    Why trust anyone? What use is ideology, anyway?

  9. I assume an Ian-Paisey Tie is orange. I'd rather like to have one, actually.

  10. I just read the Mark Steyne post, then came back to this thread where we are talking about how "creepy" this video was. Never mind that the people in the video make good points. Never mind what governments, the U.S. Government in particular, are doing. This video was creepy.

    I venture to say that anyone who is fed up, Is "mad as hell and won't take it anymore" is going to strike people as creepy. If it were people from the Men and Boy Love talking about how oppressed they are then I could understand it. But these are people who are witnessing the dismantling of their civilization. I am sure the guy who does Frogs Legs comes across as a stupid American yokel whom people find creepy. Look at the guy who does his videos wearing a cowboy hat? A cowboy hat?? A wild, reckless American. How creepy. Or the English guy who declares himself to be a racist for standing up for western values. Obviously a xenophobic, stuck-up Englishman -- and creepy.

    We bemoan the fact that not too many people stand up and speak theirs minds forcefully. Now if those who do ran their comments through focus groups first....

    1. Matt, I appreciate your take on this video. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree re: the creepiness factor.

  11. I have no problem with the disagreement, Lady Red. Being at the table does not mean we always agree.

    What troubles me is that conservatives bemoan the fact that not many people speak out; but when people do speak out we lambaste them because we don't like how they said it. If there was a philosophic point of disagreement, then by all means express it. But the video was "creepy?" In Britain, muslims can call for the death of all infidels and they are allowed to do it, while driving past a mosque with Israeli music blaring will get someone arrested. But the video was creepy? I think there are things much more creepy in this world than that video. I would rather focus my attention on those things.

    1. Sweden for the Swedes.

      I'm not sure why this lady would display a flag from another country instead of the Swedish flag (and then complain when her kids are treated as "other"). BUT, bad judgment aside, is she as much a Swede as her neighbors? Is being "Swedish" genetics or culture? Or both?

  12. Matt, FWIW, by "creepy" I meant that that was my subjective, emotional impression. I'm quite capable of rationally getting past that kind of subjective vibe; I'm sure you'd "spot" me that.

    It's worth talking about subjective impressions, though, because they don't come from nowhere. Frequently our biases no longer have a basis in objective reality; sometimes they do.

    There is a residual of that creepiness which informs my rational side, and that is not the question of 1939, but the question of 1914.

    I'll ask again: a "Europe of Nations" has been tried before; it didn't work out so well. What makes "this time" any different?

    In the 1880's, Europe was full of vigorous and proud young people who in turn had kids, who grew up to slaughter each other. And the young people in this video - what will they teach their kids, exactly, which will prevent history repeating? And where can I read about this wisdom, hard won through literally hundreds of millions of European dead, in the neo-nationalist canon?

    I've read lots of neo-nationalist writings - I don't get a sense that this issue is grappled with head on; it is usually elided or explained away. E.g. Ron Paul's vision of a bunch of independent Nations "naturally" co-existing and avoiding interference in each others "internal affairs" strikes me as naive and reckless.

    I want to feel like these young people in the video are righteous and brave and can carry the day. But then I think yeah, what could possibly go wrong? What, indeed.