Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quick Thoughts

--  Republican Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi has defeated his Tea Party rival in the Republican primary race. In which Democrats can, and did, vote.  Now is it okay to stop pretending we live in a two-party system?

--  The always unintentionally-hilarious New York Times reports breathlessly about the defeat of the American Nazi Party (sometimes known as the Tea Party) by highlighting the work of Black Democrats in supporting the beleagured Republican nobody.  Meet some of them!

Roger Smith, a black Democrat who said he was being paid to organize for Mr. Cochran, said, “I don’t know too much about McDaniel other than what McDaniel’s saying: that he’s Tea Party, he’s against Obama, he don’t like black people.”
Kay Tyler, an African-American who works for the Jackson public school system, said Mr. Cochran simply never asked for her vote — until now. “He should have,” Ms. Tyler said.
Kino Sintee, 17, and three black friends waved “Thad” signs on a street corner in a black Hattiesburg neighborhood. They said the preacher from Mount Olive Baptist Church asked them to help out.  “They’re talking about taking everything away from us,” he said. “People still need stuff.”
--  PEOPLE NEED STUFF. DEMOCRAT VOTES MAKE CANDIDATES REPUBLICANS. Either is a suitable replacement for the boring E Pluribus Unum thingy on the monies.

--  I understand that Gov. Piyush Jindal, after--what? six years in office?--made quite the stem-winder the other night. I regret that I did not share the enthusiasm for what appeared to me to be the political equivalent of Lucy offering to hold the football for Republican

--  PEOPLE NEED STUFF.  Like, say, water.


  1. I read today that in Mississippi, in the general election, you are required to vote for the same person you selected in the primary. So does that mean all these black democrats will vote for Cochran over Childers in November?

  2. This morning, I read that the Tea Party is urging fed up Mississippians to vote for Childers in the general election, and OUST Cochran.

  3. Lady Red - My understanding is that while Mississippi allows for the so-called "open primary", voters are not allowed to vote in both the Democratic and the Republican primary. They must choose one to vote in. Last time I checked, the Tea Party challenger had not conceded the race, as he believes, with good reason, that Cochran's margin of victory includes Democratic voters who have already voted in the earlier-held Democratic primary.

    1. If the dual voting is true, then Mississippi has a polling place problem and nearly no checking of the registry rolls.

      Quelle' Surprise.

    2. Good post, right on the money.

    3. I meant your "Quick Thoughts".

      I'm so angry about what's going on in the country that I'm seething so it's probably good I stay away from commenting.

  4. Oh, it gets worse. A black minister has just admitted that he paid people to vote for Cochran, using tried & true Dem methods, at the behest of a Hailey Barbour operative:
    Smoking gun?