Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cobra Dane. Up and Operational.

THIS is interesting:

A missile-detecting radar array on the remote Aleutian island of Shemya has been spared from sequestration.
Facing half a billion dollars in budget cuts, Reuters reports the Air Force decided earlier this year to reduce operating time for the system in order to save roughly $5 million a year. But last week, General William Shelton announced a reversal of that plan, citing concerns over North Korea.
The 120-foot tall, 95-foot wide Cobra Dane radar can detect objects up to 2,000 miles away.

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  1. I remember thinking about places like this way back when I joined the Navy. Of course, then these high Northern detector bases weren't as impressive, but there were still up there.

    "So, where could I be sent?"

    Army guy: "Germany, Italy, Korea, maybe Britain"

    Navy guy: "Anywhere with the fleet, but based largely in San Diego or in Virginia"

    Air Force Guy: "North Dakota, Texas, maybe above the Artic Circle...."