Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama Will Win a Necessary Victory

President Obama will handily win re-election, and Governor Romney will be forgotten as a national political leader quicker than Senator Dole was.

That is my prediction, unchanged from where it was months ago.  I've not only seen nothing since that time to make me question my political judgment, I've also seen nothing to convince me that my take on Romney as an inherently poor candidate is wrong.

However, even though I am very conservative, I hope my prediction is correct and not just for reasons of personal pride or validation of judgment.  No, I hope my prediction is correct because there will be no progress on conservative goals at all until the vast majority of European-Americans come to realize that this is no longer their government or their country.  Learning that the candidate they vote for in record numbers is not dispositive to the matter will serve as a necessary first step in that process.

Blacks will vote as a racial block.  Latinos will vote as an ethnic and linguistic block.  South Asians will vote as an ethnic and linguistic block.  East Asians will as well.  So will Muslims, Jews and other small religious communities.

And, for the first time in American history, European-American whites will vote as a block. And their candidate will lose. 

There are other issues, not the least of which is the amazing success liberal ideology has had in sundering young white women from young white men.  But the bottom line is that my people need to realize in their hearts and souls that the future doesn't belong to them. 

Only then will real alternatives be held to be possible.


  1. Sorry Jourdan but I'm considerably more pessimistic.

    White folks won't vote as a block - the bicoastal liberals will continue to vote for Obama regardless - his success is that he feeds these peoples' vain self image. This vain self image is very nearly 100% of what drives their politics. Traditional America has been so successfully demonized in their eyes that they will crawl over broken glass to vote to keep it down, so they don't have to be part of it.

    Right now as near as I can tell the odds of Romney winning are about 1 in 3. No more, no less. If white people actually did vote as a block, Romney would win in a landslide.

    If Obama wins, he'll enjoy sufficient institutional support to profoundly delegitimize all opposition. Gradually, at first, then quickly.

    The script is already written - look at Europe. Can any party or movement which challenges the statist transnational status quo over there make any headway? The liberal consensus is and will remain in charge over there in what well and truly has to be called the white home world - Europe is run for the elites, the bankers, the social progressives. Certainly not for traditional Europeans.

    So what the hell is our chance here?

    Even if Obama and disastrous clowns like France's Hollande - who wants to ban homework, and ban the words "mother" and "father" on state documents - end up on the political scrap heap, they will do nothing to discredit their wider movements. More will follow them.

    I figured that the Tea party was pretty safe in that delegitimizing them would require liberals to mount a frontal assault on the founding and the Constitution itself. Well, done and done.

    The progressive power elite are an armed gang with no source of legitimacy save their own self proclaimed awesomeness and are quite willing to transgress every boundary available to them to sustain their position.

    Again, the script has been written - the status-quo progressive regime will ridicule, demonize, surveille, infiltrate, shut down, bankrupt, expropriate, beat, and murder anything that stands in their way - as they've done in Europe. The "business leaders" that spoke out against Obama will be rushing back "onside" after the election if he wins. They won't really have much of a choice. I mean, how many anti-Putin commercial and social activists are there in Russia? Things are sliding that way here and I don't see a realistic way to stop it.

    Would a Romney win change this? Maybe. An Obama victory will certainly seal it.

    All those egregious transgressions - espionage act prosecutions to shut up leakers, circumventing bankruptcy laws, using the IRS as a weapon - acts which have alarmed both conservative and real, principled liberals alike - these aren't bugs, they're features. They demonstrate power. Anyone with anything to lose is taking notice.

    It won't be the beginning of a new consciousness - just a realization of how screwed we are. Totalitarian nightmares can last a long time. The frog is already cooked.

    Facebook and Twitter and Google and Apple are all run by regime-supporters, so good luck organizing. I've done some serious study of algorithms that measure social influence - they are very effective - there is a reason I don't blog so as to seek a large audience anymore.

    Can't happen here? Too many people thought that for too long - so it already has, we just haven't seen the fullness of it. Yet.

    So no, Jourdan, another Obama win won't be the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning, or whatnot.

    It'll just be the end.

    1. Lewy, if Obama wins, I fear we will face civil war. Tens of millions of Americans will NOT comply with the Obama regime's plan for our nation.

    2. Lewy, I broadly agree with all that you have written here. I must say that I didn't know you viewed the current crisis as largely one of legitimacy. I agree with that but know all too well how horrific personally it is to know this. Sympathy and solidarity, comrade.

  2. It's good to see you Jourdan!

    I'm predicting a Romney landslide. Americans are fed up with the progressive/socialist/communist nonsense. No more Mr. Nice Guy. No more hopey-changitude.

    If union thugs and welfare parasites want to riot and burn sh*t, let 'em bring it. A good percentage of working Americans are armed to the teeth, and won't hesitate to protect what they've built.

    I personally don't give one whit where someone's grandparents came from; I only care that they love freedom, are fiercely independent, and are ready to pledge their fortune and their honor to restore our Republic.

    It seems we've beat this horse half to death through the years. Your views haven't changed, and mine haven't either.

    Shall we have a splatter of something smokey-colored over a few ice cubes, and select something bluesy or jazzy to enjoy? We can catch up on family, and share some of the blessings of life.

  3. "Blacks will vote as a racial block," and blacks, as a block, do not like gay marriage -- something Obama is cramming down their throats (not to make a double-entendre). While certainly not a majority, many black see Obama's sudden support of gay marriage as an expediency -- an expediency made just to get votes. Many blacks feel that Obama was, in essence, telling them "Since I have you all sewn up I can go completely against what you want." That does not necessarily mean that they will vote for Romney, but it does mean that they won't vote for Obama, either.

    The 2008 election was +7 Dems. That is not going to happened this time. There are many Hispanics who played by the rules to come to this country. They do not like the fact that Obama is making them out to be chumps.

    As Kevin DuJan puts it on HillBuzz, Obama was a "fad" in 2008. Whatever goodwill he had, whatever goodwill he needed, has been squandered. Too many people have seen him lie. Look at Benghazi. They may not know what happened, but the do know they will not find out from Obama.

    Nothing Obama promised has happened. While I understand that it might take time for someone to fulfill his promises, people recognize that Obama has gone in the opposite direction from what he promised in many cases. People have noticed that if something has been anything less than a success, Obama always blames someone else: from Bush gave him a terrible economy to, as Biden put it, "the administration knew what was going on in Benghazi but we (Obama and Biden) personally did not know." They blamed it on a video for how long?, but it has come to light that Obama was watching events as they happened -- and had been told that this was a co-ordinated attack.

    I think Obama is a puppet. He was put into the White House because people wanted to be part of electing the first black President -- and his handlers knew it. However, there was no "there" there. Sure, there are those who want to turn the United Staes into a socialist sinkhole, but most Americans do not. There are also people people who would vote for a black President even if he stood on Pennsylvania Avenue and gunned people down with an Uzi. Most Americans, though, expect some degree of honesty and competency from their President -- and Obama has not measured up.

    Should Obama win re-election, I think that the United Staes is lost. In four years it will be no better than what South Africa has become, or at least irrevocably on the road to becoming that way. But I believe Americans are, for the most part, smarter than that. Those people who still back Obama do not do so with the fervor that they did in 2008 -- and they just won't show up on Tuesday.

  4. Make that first paragraph say "Will vote for Obama."

  5. Well, it is only 8:35, but I am going to bed. I will wake early, prettify myself to whatever extent that is possible, then stop and vote on my way to work.

    I take my sister in about 6:45, and the polls open at 7, so I will be sitting there when they open and plan to be the first in my precinct to make the attempt to fire the Current Occupant.

    The way things are, Romney will have to have a large enough margin to overcome the inevitable democrat vote corruption.

    I plan to pay careful attention and be sure my vote does not go for Barry0, as has already been reported to have happened in some early voting locations.

    Jourdan, I have a lot of respect for you, but in this instance I am going to do my best to prove you wrong, as are 95%+ of those I know.

    1. I already sent my ballot in. Hopefully it will be counted correctly. Keep your eyes and ears open, Dances.

  6. Lots to respond to here and only a tiny bit of time. Please excuse my haste.

    Lewy, we Americans don't view block voting as other people do because we are accustomed to Blacks voting as a 95% block, a number so high as to be astounding. This is why we don't view Latinos (at about 65%) or Asians (at about 55%) as a block; we are comparing their block vote to an impossibly high standard. While it is true that the only community in the United States in which there is any significan political pluralism is the white, European-American community, it appears to me that this group will nevertheless be voting at around 65% for Romney this time around. That is a racial/ethnic voting block. After this election, we will be able to speak of two parties in the United States: 1) the Non-White Party, and 2) the White Party.

    Whether we or the parties themselves like it or not, that is the reality.

    Fay, it's not about where your grandfather is from, it's about being a *people*, a *nation*, a group of people who share a common language, history, laws, customs, mores, standards and traditions. The European-American people (including the Quebecois) are a separate nation from Latinos. If my people are to prosper, we need a state. Up to 1965, we had a de facto state; now we do not.

    This isn't about destruction, it's about PREVENTING destruction. The sooner my people put a stop to their erasure, the more peaceful it will be. If we wait until a crisis, THEN we will have destruction. Possibly on a scale that makes people wistful about WWII.

    Dang it, gotta run. See you all soon.

  7. I meant Lady Red and not Fay in my response above. Apologies.

  8. Oh, Fuck.

    As of 11:17 FOX calls the whole thing for ZERObama.