Monday, September 3, 2012

Eastwood, You Magnificent Bastard!

The Good Professor has photos posted.

I especially love the one with the "Breitbart Is Here" placard.


  1. I wonder if anyone would get the meaning if we put one out front here in the Great White North.

  2. I bet plenty would, Matt. I hope you two do it. We have one in our front yard.

  3. OMG, Matt, I think I deleted your comment instead of mine.

    I'm sorry, I'm going to slink away now...

  4. That's OK. All I said was that I put an empty chair out front. :)

  5. Excellent thread title lady red!

    Our chair is still out front, I thought Matt was going to take a pic. You never know we could be the only house in Canada that is participating in NECD. Aren't we special :)

  6. This is madness. America is (notionally) being given a stark contrast in its future public policy direction, but the more conservative of the two camps is now hopelessly enmeshed in stupid games surrounding a babbling old actor.

    Who the heck is running the GOP campaign???? If this mess is not righted- STAT!- my prediction is that Obama is going to wipe the floor during the debates with Romney's and Ryan's far-from-impressive personal "narratives". An empty chair is not going to counter the lift that Obama is likely to receive from the DNC convention.

    /hey, maybe I'm assuming too much intelligence to the "educated American elector"...

  7. Jesus, Earl, relax. The "GOP campaign" didn't organize Nat'l Chair Day, some bloggers (Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin among others)did. It's called having a little fun during these shitty times and giving the opposition a little poke in the eye.

    And your last comment is totally uncalled for. Shame on you.

  8. @ flo:

    I don't agree- one word from the RNC brass, and this thing would be DOA. Which it should be. Levity has a very limited role in a national campaign- absent ridicule, which can be deathly. And, in this case, the ridicule is sticking to the GOP. It's sure as heck not sticking in the Obama campaign's eye.

    I have a real interest in this fight- the old saw of "when America sneezes, Canada catches a cold" is now more stark for us in Canuckistan: "when America is suffering from pneumonia, Canada...???" Obama has hardly been a friend to Canada (and has thrown IL under the bus), whilst Romney at least has a functioning understanding of Canada and is foursquare onside with IL. Having the GOP message diluted through this chair stunt may play well with the committed Republican vote, but it detracts from dragging soft Dems and Independents away from Obama. Let's only hope that the novelty wears off quickly.

    Plus, the latest hatchet job on Romney in Rolling Stone is just a warm-up to what is to come- and needs a lot more than a chair to blunt. So, no- from bitter and long experience, I cannot "relax" during a campaign. Romney/Ryan are highly vulnerable to a focused attack by the Democrats.

  9. Earl, I agree with florrie on this one. I don't believe you're seeing the picture. At all.

    The RNC couldn't have stopped this bit of fun with a frickin' army. We don't listen to the RNC brass. They suck. The only difference between the RNC brass and the DNC brass is the letter by their name. The electorate is SICK TO DEATH of being played by these assholes.

    The only opposition to the Obama machine is individuals. We will show our displeasure any way we can. We will ridicule Obama any way we can. I saw A LOT of empty chairs around my community yesterday. Most are still up today.

    Dinesh D'Souza's documentary "2016" is selling out in theaters all over the country.

    Eff Rolling Stone. Let Romney/Ryan come out swinging and taking no prisoners if they're pissed. No more Mr. Nice Guy. We'll stand behind them with torches and pitchforks if they do.

    In the meantime, with our active participation, the conservative talk radio gang are waging a helluva guerrilla war against the Powers That Be.

    We're gonna elect Romney with or without his help. Grab a cold brewski, pull up a chair, and watch what coldly furious Americans can do when we've HAD ENOUGH.

  10. /hey, maybe I'm assuming too much intelligence to the "educated American elector"...

    Oh, really? *raising one eyebrow*

    Perhaps you haven't caught up to the battle plan of the educated American elector. :D

  11. @lr:

    Dinesh D'Souza's documentary "2016" is selling out in theaters all over the country.

    As it should. Pamphlteering (and in its modern incarnations) has been an integral part of Western democracy ab initio.

    ...and watch what coldly furious Americans can do when we've HAD ENOUGH.

    Fair enough- I've heard-tell about an 18th century tea tax rebellion [;)] and I'm looking forward to the debates. But don't let this become a "dog catches car" situation for the Coldly Furious. We're dealing with a ~$15T economy that has guaranteed world peace (generally) for the past six decades. The world needs America, sound and invigorated. Exchanging one group of incompetents for another ain't gonna solve anyone's problems. And, to this foreigner, neither the Democrats nor the GOP have advanced anything resembling a coherent, long-term plan for America Redux.

    That is, are Americans prepared to make a generational-level sacrifice to right America? Because neither Obama nor Romney have shown any past inclination to be so willing.

  12. Earl, I think you're looking at the American political scene through Canadian goggles. What would torpedo a Canadian campaign would likely energize an American one. For starters, Americans like fighters - Canadians don't. One of the biggest reasons McCain lost was just that - he obviously didn't care whether or not he won, and Americans despise that. It's also one of the reason why more than a few of us who aren't exactly sold on Romney have come around to grudging support; he appears to want this thing (and energy independence by 2020 sounds pretty good too).

    American politics IS like herding cats. That's why the Tea Party movement started - the RNC forgot that, and we're attempting to remind them that there are an awful lot of people who are sick of their stuff. I don't hold out hope that the hardliners who are all-in for the DNC will be swayed. But I'm fairly certain that Eastwood resonated for an awful lot of Average Joes who are very much aware that life is NOT better than it was 4 years ago, and don't appreciate being condescended to and told it is. We're not stupid, we're just patient. Until we're not, and then you'll find respectable citizens dumping a boatload of a favourite beverage into a large body of water. :-)

  13. As an aside, one of our neighbours is a photo journalist covering both the RNC and DNC for a national Canadian publication. I'm very curious to talk to him when he comes back and hear his impressions - especially after seeing the Noam Chomsky "Occupy Media" book on his entry bench.

  14. @Lyana:

    No question- the US democratic process is lacking the party discipline that defines much of Westminster Parliamentary process. There's no whipping an "errant" Congresscritter as in our system...

    Yes, I'd be interested in your neighbour's take on things. Chomsky is an odious agitator.

    1. I'll try to post something about his observations when he comes back - he's told us that he's fascinated by US politics and was really looking forward to the assignment.

      After growing up very close to the Beltway with a grandfather who was in state politics (mom was a Goldwater Girl back in the day) and a father who was a PoliSci major, I've thoroughly enjoyed trying to get my mind around the Parliamentary system over the past 15 years. I still remember the first time I tuned into a debate in the Commons and sat watching with my chin on the floor - couldn't believe the mayhem! :-) I've since come to very much appreciate the level of intellectual acuity demanded by that forum; certainly has a way of separating the wheat from the chaff! Only a handful of our Congresscritters (love that!) could handle that robust environment. I didn't agree with much of what Jack Layton stood for, but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the way he could turn a phrase!

      Harper has done a masterful job of leading his caucus; he's not perfect, but I'm very grateful to have him as PM at this juncture.

  15. Yes, Harper as PM has generally exceeded my expectations on major policy issues (except for the lunatic cut to the GST and Clement's theft of the taxpayers' $52M to get himself re-elected). The crucible of QP does create a tougher breed of pol, no question.

    /BREAKING NEWS: Obama (begrudgingly) recognizes Jerusalem as capitol of IL. Hmmm...