Monday, August 20, 2012

Under The Bus!

 More here: The Blaze.


  1. And here is the full text of the Newsweek article, by Niall Ferguson .

  2. Also, the book 'Confidence Men', that Professor Ferguson refers to here is highly recommended by me (thanks, Florrie!) for an inside look at the dysfunction of a White House.

    Even though it was written by someone who just REALLY (<3sigh<3) likes Barry, the underlying incompetence comes bubbling to the surface.

  3. The left is howling in outrage that NW published an article that didn't portray BO in a messianic light.


  4. Absolutely, punt the naif Obama to the curb- the FP and fiscal fiascos he'll left behind may have mortally wounded America. He was never presidential material. Period.

    But I have not seen any credible GOP plan to address the myriad public policy problems facing America today (I've typed them here on various past occasions). "Entitlements" have to be cut, but the devil is in the details- anyone want to take on 40 million irate seniors and vets? Bueller? Bueller???

  5. And now... Todd Akin (TM). The proverbial turd in the GOP punch bowl. The party brass must be near-inchoate with rage- the shiny penny Ryan's message of fiscal rectitude is now utterly eclipsed by Missouri's Finest and the GOP's preferred Constitutional amendment.

    /a week is a long time in politics