Saturday, August 4, 2012

Security FAIL At Oak Ridge

A group of aging hippies waltz into the nuclear weapons plant at Oak Ridge, spray-paint the plant's storehouse for bomb-grade uranium, and pour human blood all over the place. An embarrassed Steven Chu, after unbunching his boxers from his nether regions, suspends the guards who let the dimwitted activists stroll through the door. Suspends, not fires. Must be union guys. The management guys probably aren't union; they were fired outright.

The hippies? Arrested and released. No surprise there.

Have any of you read this story in the MSM? If I didn't glance at the Knoxville online paper as part of my daily news crawl, I'd be in the dark too. Maybe I just missed it.


  1. All as expected, under the current administration.

  2. Seems like a big deal to me. -- But no I didn't see it anywhere else.

  3. Why would this be a big deal? After all, we have the homophobes at Chic-Fil-A to deal with. And the fact that Mrs. Romney has never worked. Where are your prioroties?

  4. Levi, it seems like this should have made the front pages, and probably WOULD have under another administration. It makes me wonder what else they're not telling us. Probably lots.

    DWT and Matt, you two are as cynical as I am. Nothing surprises me anymore. :(

  5. This stuff happens for the same reasons Bradley Manning happened ... no real security structure in place. None. Bunch of security posers is the best you will ever get under today's rules.

    "Contracted security guards" eh, you mean the lowest bidders for the triennial bid process? Similar to the contracted out security for global databases, like gave Manning access, low bid, low rate, ineffective, no surprise. A combination of the least qualified, apathetic, and cheapest, will get you cluster-f**ks every time.