Wednesday, August 29, 2012

*Public Service Announcement*


  1. If that is the criteria (and I know it is) then I will revel in my racism.

  2. This is superb florrie. It nails the utter hypocrisy of the left's meme.

    I think most conservatives/independents/libertarians are sick to death of the the word "racist". I know I am. :)

  3. It's just become a joke! The 3 tactics by the loony libs are race-baiting, class and gender warfare. They have no ideas and no intention of discussing (much less solving) the real problems of our country in any meaningful way. They are just haters. Did you see what the lefties wrote on Mia Love's wiki page after her speech? Par for the course, for that bunch.

    Anyway, thanks, lady red, I'm glad you liked it :-)

  4. Well, I just saw on Frudge this afternoon that Chrissie (Tingles) Matthews has now decided that the word 'Chicago' if used on talking about the Preezy, is racist, as well.

  5. I'm not even insulted anymore, his proclamations are downright hilarious!

    And to think that Tom and & used to watch this guy...Tingles...

  6. Dances, did you see this headline?

    "Dems Giving Away Tickets to Obama's Speech Free At Bars..."

    They know it's all over. I thought asking people to give BO donations in lieu of wedding/anniversary/birthday gifts was the nadir of desperation but apparently not.