Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bon Appetit!

Happy 100th Birthday to Julia Child!  A real character, whose "late in life" passion drove her to excellence and unexpected fame. I loved her clumsiness and her joie de vivre, her meticulous recipe testing and her almost mind boggling recipes with pages and pages of ingredients and instructions. I have been a "from scratch" cook all my life so by the time I discovered Julia I appreciated her.

Impossible to replicate, some have tried to impersonate, but there will never be another Julia.

Bonne fête madame.


  1. Happy Birthday, Julia. I never tried a single one of your recipes, but still enjoyed watching you do them.

  2. I never made any of her dishes either (that I can recall) but I've watched many of her shows - she makes omelets look so simple!

    My mom and sisters had to drag me to Julie/Julia. I loved it! I bought her book about those years after seeing the film and loved that as well. Before that, when I thought Julia Child, the Dan Aykroryd satire of her would come to mind. I have to say that Meryl Streep did a fantastic job portraying her and I think Julia would have approved. Classy, gutsy lady.

  3. I agree, Fay, there will never be another Julia Child.

    I really should try some of her recipes, one of the things I was particularly struck by in her book was how meticulously she and her partner researched and tested every recipe.

  4. Wow, that's a lot of hoopla for stew! :))

    She's a fascinating woman, and her attention to detail in her recipes is mind-boggling. Her passion for cooking is contagious and inspiring.

    I haven't seen Julie/Julia yet, but I'd like to!